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Hershey Just Debuted This Brand New Chocolate Bar

New candy bar alert!

The maker of the country's most iconic chocolate bar just introduced a brand new product: Hershey's Oat Made chocolate bars.

Vegans, and those who try to eat a primarily plant-based diet, rejoice! You can now enjoy the beloved chocolate bar without any worry of consuming animal byproducts. Oat Made comes in two flavors: "extra creamy almond and sea salt" and "classic dark."

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The one downside? It won't be available at every major grocer—at least, not right away. Think of this as a test run of sorts.

"To validate our concepts with the Hershey's Oat Made products, we're currently doing real-time, in-market testing," Dan Mohnshine, team lead of strategic growth platforms at Hershey's, wrote on the company website. "We're working with partners to keep a limited number of stores supplied with a limited quantity of inventory, enabling us to have Hershey's Oat Made products out on the shelf and analyze how they perform in the real world."

The bars will be in this trial run from now until June 2022, so you have plenty of time to show your support for the new product. Shoppers already seem to be excited about the new candy bar.


The launch of Hershey's Oat Made comes not long after the brand announced its "better for you" confection segment in February, which features other plant-based alternatives. So, how were the bars made? On the site, Moonshine shared a few details.

"We started our work on the Hershey's Oat Made products by evaluating the current plant-based offerings on the candy market," he wrote. "After finding that the ingredient formulas of existing products could be improved upon, our masterful R&D team at Hershey developed formulas using oats that we believe deliver better on consumers' expectations than what is in the marketplace today. (Oat was a preferred substitute among all the other plant-based substitutes that we considered.)"

Now, what are you waiting for? Call your local grocery stores and see where you can find Hershey's Oat Made—ASAP!

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