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Having This One Thing In Your Home Office Is A Huge Stress Reducer, Science Says

This tweak is not only a fun one, but also so therapeutic.

So many of us have transitioned from running out the door by 7 to the routine of starting and ending each workday in a home office. You may have your favorite sets of daytime pajamas you cozy up in as you settle into your home workspace with a warm cup of joe. Although it's surely a comfortable kind of situation, it can get a bit mundane. That's why it's so key to freshen and switch things up. You want to create an environment that's energizing, motivating, and gives off all the positive vibes that make you work to the best of your capabilities.

There are some simple ways you can spruce up your work area so that will keep you feeling inspired on the daily. The easy tweak we're focusing on today is not only a fun one but has also shown to be therapeutic and a major stress reducer. Read on to learn more, and for even more self-care and wellness tips, check out Full Moon Rituals Are The Calming Self-Care You Never Knew You Needed.

Having a fresh bouquet of blooms in your workspace has positive mental health benefits

woman's desk with laptop and flowers

Research has proven that having fresh blooms in your home can give you a mental health boost by decreasing any feelings of anxiety, worries, or depression. In fact, the mere fact of treating yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh blooms can lift your spirits. The act itself is self-loving.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology further proves the benefits of having blooms around, concluding that interacting with plants in the home could lessen psychological stress.

Certain flowers will improve your mood

bouquet of colorful flowers

That's right—different flowers have different benefits for your mood. For example, treat yourself to tulips if you're feeling exceptionally tired and tense. If you have a headache, roses may provide extra relief, in addition to making you think better. Or, if your heart is racing and you're feeling a tad anxious, lavender should do the trick while bringing down your blood pressure.

Geraniums will ensure the air quality in your space is at its best, and orchids have a natural soothing effect that'll make you feel at peace. And lastly, if your nerves are a bit frazzled, lily of the valley are a perfect choice for your bouquet.

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Let your creativity shine and soak up the benefits

woman making bouquet

You can take this a step further and get your flowers on the weekend at a local farmers' market. Turn the experience into a craft day and personalize your homemade bouquet. It's even been proven that creative experiences like this can be a very relaxing, mood-boosting hobby.

In a recent experiment, one company had flowers delivered to people working from home to see how their bodies reacted to arranging flowers. This "flower pot test" revealed a positive effect on their moods. Ninety percent actually felt arranging their flowers made them feel a lot less stressed. This test absolutely found that connecting with these beautiful blooms provides positive health benefits for the mind.

Whether your desk is set up in an actual home office, in your bedroom, or on your couch, it pays to have some fresh, lovely flowers around. Not only will they brighten your space, but they'll also literally put a smile on your face!

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woman smiling at farmers market holding flowers

Keeping up with your self-care and wellness needs is imperative—especially when you're working at home. Whether you light your favorite candle during your workday, listen to soothing background music, take time for some fresh air, or admire a beautiful bouquet on your desk all week long, you're taking steps in the right direction.

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