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Hooters Backpedals On Its New Uniforms After Major Backlash From Employees

The chain's biggest operator now says the bikini-style short isn't mandatory.

After hordes of Hooters employees lodged complaints about the chain's new, more revealing uniforms, the company is changing the narrative around their implementation. According to Business Insider, Hooters now says that the much shorter bikini-style shorts, which are being rolled out as a wardrobe update for its servers, are optional.

Hooters Servers Are Complaining About the Chain's Inappropriate New Uniforms

The underwear-like shorts were meant to replace the longer shorts at the chain's locations run by Hooters of America, its biggest operator. But the company, which runs more than 400 locations in dozens of states, has issued a statement amid the backlash stating that employees can choose to stick with the former uniforms if the outfit is a better fit.

"As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones," a spokesperson wrote in an email to Insider. "They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image."

Some of the most common complaints about the new uniforms have been that they're too revealing and uncomfortable and that they ride up causing a perpetual "wedgie." love my job but dont love wearing undies to work ☠️ #hootersgirl @Kirsten 🙂 ♬ Jenna_Did_it – Chy
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Hooters of America has also said that the new shorts were developed in collaboration with employees, and that they generated positive feedback when first rolled out in Texas locations several months ago. However, it remains unclear if the shorts were first presented to the employees as a requirement.

We have reached out to Hooters of America for comment and will update this article with any answers we receive.

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