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5 Huge New Shortages Shoppers Are Sharing This Week

Don't let these put a damper on your holiday cooking.

Chances are good you've noticed some shortage or another if you've been inside a grocery store lately. Week by week, the national shortages keep shifting. Here are the ones shoppers have noticed this past week—it may be time to get clever and start strategizing your holiday meal-shopping accordingly.

We searched social media Sunday to find what shortages consumers across the country have been sharing. Continue for the latest, and don't miss Walmart Is Recalling This Item After Two Deaths Were Reported.

Cooking Oil


Last Monday, Reddit user u/Seekingaloha shared an image of a shelf that was wanting for cooking oil, which they said they'd run into at their local Target store. (According to their post, it sounds like antacid needed to be stocked at this location, too.)

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Cat Food


This post courtesy of u/MyPrepAccount came from Ireland, but it's stressful for any pet lover to be faced with not finding the food your fur baby needs. "They're tolerating it," said this user of their backup food, "but they're not happy about it."

Pet food shortages have also impacted the U.S. at different points this year, not to mention a number of pet food recalls.

Tofu, Miso, and Other Soybean Products

Miso soup

Reddit user u/tpjv86b reported having found themselves in an Asian grocery store that was out of miso and fermented soybeans.

A fellow user, u/daikichitinker, chimed in to say they'd stumbled on a related issue on the total opposite side of the country, in North Carolina: "I'm having the hardest time finding tofu."

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Sandwich Ingredients

woman making sandwich bread lettuce cheese deli meat for lunch

U/Seekingaloha shared last Tuesday that their Whole Foods store was out of many varieties of deli lunchmeat.

To make matters worse, it sounds like the bread supply at this store may have been lacking, too. "I feel like it's getting worse," the user said.

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Such tough news for pumpkin lovers, especially as we inch so close to Thanksgiving month (and because one dietitian recently hailed pumpkin as the ultimate fall weight loss food). Pumpkin supply has been low all season, as it was last year. Yet again, u/Seekingaloha had the update this past Saturday from inside their local Whole Foods store.

If you're able to find pumpkin on your local supermarket's shelves, you may encounter a limit on how many containers you can purchase. U/thickerstill8, who identifies as a grocery store worker, noted: "If you need this stuff for the holidays, get it now. Get all that shelf stable stuff when you see it."

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