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Jessie J Reveals Her Exact Butt and Abs Workout

The singer is working hard in the gym to maintain her incredible shape.

Jessie J isn't letting the pandemic stand between her and her fitness goals. The "I Want Love" singer is sharing her grueling workouts with the world on Instagram, revealing the dedication it takes in the gym to achieve her fit figure.

On  Aug. 4, the star posted an intimate look at her exact butt and ab workout routine to her Instagram Stories.

To kick off her workout, Jessie J can be seen walking briskly on a treadmill, after which she performs a few overhead stretches using a resistance band. 

jessie j in a black crop top and leggings doing squats with a resistance band on her thighs
© Jessie J / Instagram

She then follows this up with a set of squats, a series of lateral squats while wearing a resistance band around her thighs, a set of side leg lifts, and single-leg dumbbell lifts. 

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jessie j in the background of an instagram screenshot doing crunches with her back supported on a weight bench in a gym
© Jessie J / Instagram

In a subsequent clip, Jessie J completes a series of bridge crunches in which she props her back up on a weight bench and keeps her feet flat on the floor, does a set of kettlebell swings, tones her shoulders with a brutal-looking set of dumbbell lifts, and completes both chest and arm and leg and butt workouts using weight-bearing cable machines.

The singer has long been a proponent of exercise as a great way to not just tone up, but improve her mood and overall health. 

"I didn't work out for the first two or three years of my career. And then I did a U.K. arena tour in 2012; that's when I started working out. I found that my immune system was better and I wasn't getting sick, I looked better, my clothes fit better, my heart was better, my skin was better, and I just felt better," she told Shape. "I attracted nicer people because I was nicer and happier, and more inspired. It really affects your mood."

While Jessie J has been making the most of her time in the gym lately, she recently revealed that she's been dealing with a debilitating health condition as well.

In June, the "Price Tag" singer revealed that, for the past five months, she had been dealing with acid reflux and painful nodules in her throat that have been exacerbated by singing, and that doctors were having a hard time figuring out the best course of treatment to relieve her symptoms.

"I am still in pain everyday (sic)," she explained on Instagram (via PEOPLE). "With rest and little talking/singing the nodules melted away. Like Olaf in the sun. But every doctor has told me if I sing (especially these songs) the nodules will just come right back," she told her followers, explaining that that had been the reason why she hadn't been doing many appearances as of late.

However, recent videos of the star belting out tunes everywhere from her home to parking garages make it seem as though, with any luck, the star may be on the mend in the near future.

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