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KFC Is Bringing Back a Popular Dish We Haven't Seen Since 2019

The cheesy $5 bowls are back by popular demand.

Hold onto your finger sporks! If you're the kind of fried chicken lover that considers side dishes an equally important part of KFC's finger-lickin' experience, the chain has some delightful news for you. Particularly if you're enamored with its Mac & Cheese.

Remember when KFC flipped the script on its most beloved side in 2019, turning the creamy, gooey bowl of macaroni into a meal? Well, the chain is doing it again! That's right, KFC's Mac & Cheese Bowls are back by popular demand, for the first time in three years.

The new item will feature crispy popcorn chicken chunks atop a bowl of cheesy macaroni, all of which gets sprinkled with even more cheese. And for those who can't have their KFC grub without a kick of heat, the bowl also comes in a spicy version with chicken coated in smoky Nashville hot sauce.

Maybe the best part of the whole deal is that the bowls will be priced at $5, which is almost the same as when we first saw them in 2019. Back then, that price included a medium drink and a cookie to boot, while this time, it's the price of the bowl alone. Those looking to turn it into a meal can add a side of fries and a medium drink for an extra charge.

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kfc mac & cheese bowl combo with soda and fries
Courtesy of KFC

Still, the great value of these "abundant" bowls is something KFC is emphasizing above all. "This meal is the epitome of hearty goodness and un-BOWL-eavable value at $5 for a limited time," said Nick Chavez, the chain's chief marketing officer.

While the official launch is slated for July 18 (meaning you'll be able to get the bowls at nationwide KFC locations), the chicken brand is giving its most loyal fans a little sneak peek with early access. Starting today, you can try the Mac & Cheese Bowls when you place a digital order through the chain's app or website. Not to mention, you can get free delivery via these channels through July 24.

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