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25 Best High-Protein Snacks

These satisfying bites let you have your snack and slim down, thanks to their high protein content.
25 Best High-Protein Snacks

Americans have a dual obsession with snacking and eating more protein. In fact, an NPD report shows that consumers want to get more protein in their diet but a whopping 71 percent don’t know how much they should getting (for reference, it’s at least 46 grams for women and 56 grams for me). Adding low-sugar, high protein snacks to your daily diet can help fuel weight loss efforts by boosting metabolism and reducing hunger pangs. Sounds like a delicious way to drop a few extra pounds to us!

Luckily, you don’t have to keep bags of chicken breast or turkey in your bag in order to reap the benefits. There are plenty of portable, non-perishable ways sneak in some protein. Next time you go to the grocery store, don’t get overwhelmed and load up on your go-to high protein snacks. With this list as your guide, shopping and snacking for weight loss have never been easier. If you’re looking for more protein-packed goods, don’t miss these best & worst low-sugar protein bars.

The following snacks have at least 6 grams of protein per serving.

siggi’s Icelandic-Style Yogurt, Orange & Ginger

Siggis orange ginger skyr yogurt

Protein Punch: 17 grams

Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt goes through multiple straining stages to increase the yogurt’s natural protein content. Per ounce, siggi’s has some of the highest protein counts on the market. And the extra protein is beneficial if you’re looking to pack on some extra muscle or trim down.


Purely Elizabeth Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Ancient Grain Oatmeal

Purely elizabeth cranberry pumpkin seed ancient grain oatmeal

Protein Punch: 10 grams

Oatmeal cups make healthy protein-rich snacking easy and satisfying—without adding globs of sugar like some other brands. Keep a container or two in your desk drawer. When you’re eyeing your go-to vending machine indulgence, nip that unhealthy urge in the bud by simply adding water to one of these before zapping it in the break-room microwave. Your waistline will thank you.

$32.94 per 12-pack ($2.75 each) at

Crazy Richard’s 100% Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack

Crazy richards peanut butter packet

Protein Punch: 8 grams

Ounce for ounce, peanuts are one of the most protein-dense nuts. On the run? Rip open the top of the squeeze pack and eat the butter right from the pouch. For more of a sit-down snack, smear some of the flavonoid-packed spread onto a few pear slices. For a more comprehensive run-down of one of the most popular nut butters, don’t miss the 36 top peanut butters—ranked!.

$9.98 per 8-pack ($1.25 each) at

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

Seapoint farms dry roasted edamame sea salt

Protein Punch: 10 grams

Getting sick of snacking on almonds and walnuts? Mix things up (while still satisfying that craving for something crunchy) by incorporating packs of dry roasted edamame into your high protein snacks lineup. There are 11 grams of soy protein and six grams of belly-filling fiber in each 100-calories serving—it doesn’t get much better than that!

$6.99 on

Go Raw Organic Simple Flax Snax

Go Raw Organic Simple Flax Snax

Protein Punch: 6 grams

This raw, organic snack is made from sprouted flax and sesame seeds, and tomato powder. It provides the crunch you crave from a bag of chips but doesn’t carry the unhealthy fats or excess calories.


Saffron Road Chipotle Crunchy Chickpeas

Saffron road crunchy chickpeas chipotle

Protein Punch: 6 grams

1 oz: 130 calories, 4 g fat (0 g saturated fat), 180 mg sodium, 18 g carbs (5 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 6 g protein

These high protein snacks are packed with crispy, roasted chickpeas that are hot, hot, hot! Foods loaded with capsaicin—the compound responsible for giving chilies their fire—have been proven to reduce belly fat, suppress appetite and boost thermogenesis—the body’s ability to burn food as energy.

$4.99 per 6-oz bag at

Lemon & Pepper Seasoned Tuna Medley With Crackers

bumble bee lemon and pepper seasoned tuna

Protein Punch: 19 grams

This tuna comes pre-seasoned with lemon and pepper, eliminating the need for mayo or sauces to amp up the flavor. Plus, this kit comes with a little knife and a few crackers so you can easily eat this protein-packed mini-meal no matter when you are when hunger strikes.

$20.28 per 12-pack ($1.69 each) at

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Health warrior superfood protein bar mint

Protein Punch: 11 grams

If you’re not ready to commit to buying an entire bag of chia seeds, but you’ve always wanted to give the superfood a try, these bars are for you. Loaded with omega-3s, fiber, protein and antioxidants, this tropical flavored snack will tide you over without stuffing you to the brim.

$17.09 per 12-pack ($1.42 each) at

Field Trip Jerky Original Beef Jerky

Field trip original beef jerky

Protein Punch: 14 grams

Unlike Slim Jims, which use scary ingredients like sodium nitrite and monosodium glutamate (MSG), Field Trip’s take on the classic, naturally protein-filled snack is free of preservatives, MSG, nitrites (they even eschew the “natural” alternative celery juice powder), and corn syrup. Plus, it’s lower in fat and sodium than many conventional varieties, which is just another reason it earns a place on our list.

$17.95 per 12-ounce bag ($1.49 per serving) on

Simply Protein Herb Simply Protein Chips

Simply protein herb and garlic chips

Protein Punch: 15 grams

If you typically reach for a bag of Lay’s when your stomach starts to rumble, opting for these chips is the perfect way to eat your cake and have it, too. Made from pea protein, potato flour, and a sprinkling of dried parsley, garlic and onion, this gluten-free, high protein snack is better for you than traditional crisps and is a delicious way to add some extra nutrients to your diet, too.

$30.68 per 12-pack ($2.56 each) at

Blue Moose of Boulder Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Blue moose of boulder hummus

Protein Punch: 8 grams

The best part about this hummus is that it’s portable. Snack on the high-protein hummus with the flax crackers or grab a pack along with a baggie of raw veggies for some extra belly-filling fiber on the run.

$2.99 on Amazon Fresh

Horizon Organic Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Horizon organic mozzarella cheese

Protein Punch: 7 grams

They’re portable, fun to eat, and packed with protein and calcium—just a few of the reasons we’re such big fans of these cheese sticks. They’re a welcome addition to both kids’ lunchboxes and adults’ brown bags.

$4.49 on Amazon Fresh

Sargento Balanced Breaks Natural White Cheddar Cheese with Almonds and Dried Cranberries

Sargento balanced breaks cheddar almond cranberry

Protein Punch: 7 grams

This snack pack is made with simple ingredients: cheddar cheese, almonds, and dried cranberries, and less than 200 calories per container. It has good protein-to-carb ratio with 14 grams of carbs and 7 grams of protein which will satisfy you without spiking your blood sugar.

$3.36 at Amazon Fresh

Good Culture Organic Whole Milk Cottage Cheese

Protein Punch: 19 grams

To mix things up, opt for this oft-overlooked grab-and-go dairy item in lieu of your daily yogurt. For its low sugar and fat counts, it packs an impressive 19 grams of protein into its diminutive 5.3-ounce container. Find the taste a bit bland? Mix in a few small pieces of pineapple or melon. Both fruits make for a delicious pairing.


KIND Fruit & Nut Snack Bar

KIND fruit and nut bar

Protein Punch: 6 grams

KIND uses real fruit, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and not much else to make their wholesome high protein snacks. Coming in at 200 calories, this bar is great for warding off the afternoon slump or satisfying a craving for something sweet and crunchy.


EPIC Grass-Fed Animal Protein Bison Bar

Epic bison bar

Protein Punch: 11 grams

These Paleo, gluten-free bars are made from hormone-free meats and poultry, organic spices and dried fruit. Although we don’t have any bones to pick with the wholesome ingredient list, they’re a bit high in sodium. Your best bet is to enjoy one after a sweaty workout. Since you’ll have just depleted your sodium levels, the extra salt may be beneficial, plus the protein can help rebuild the muscles broken down during your gym sesh.

$24.69 per 12-pack ($2.05 each) at

Rhythm Superfoods Kool Ranch Kale Chips

Rhythm Foods Kale Chips, Kool Ranch

Protein Punch: 6 grams

These kale chips are made by dehydrating organic kale that’s been tossed with a bold blend of herbs and spices. Rhythm Superfoods’ Kool Ranch Kale Chips are not only lower in calories and fat than Doritos, but they also serve up way more impressive amounts of two essential vitamins: vitamins A and K.

$20.10 per 4-pack ($5.02 each) at

ENLIGHTENED Wasabi Roasted Broad Bean Crisps

Enlightened wasabi broad bean chips

Protein Punch: 7 grams

Made from roasted beans, a kick of wasabi and a touch of sunflower oil, this portable, pre-portioned high protein snack is easy to throw into a purse, briefcase, or gym bag. With seven grams of protein and fiber, it’s sure to keep you satiated until your next meal.

$46.75 per 12-pack ($3.89 each) at

Eggland’s Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs

Egglands best organic hard cooked eggs

Protein Punch: 12 grams (per 2 eggs)

These are organic eggs, cooked, peeled and ready to eat. Enjoying them is as easy as topping them with a pinch of salt and pepper before popping them in your mouth!


Emerald Almonds

Emerald natural almonds

Protein Punch: 6 grams

Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats; they provide all the energy-boosting nutrients your body needs while keeping portions in check. You’ll get 6 grams of protein for just 160 calories.

$2.94 at

Our Little Rebellion Protein Crisps

Our little rebellion protein crisps

Protein Punch: 10 grams

This gluten-free snack uses a combination of soy protein flour to pack 10 grams of protein into every serving, making them substantial enough to enjoy on their own. Can’t stomach plain crackers? Pair them with a pre-portioned piece of cheese.

$34.74 per 12-pack ($2.90 each) at

Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

natures path qia superfood breakfast cereal cranberry vanilla

Protein Punch: 6 grams

With impressive protein and fiber counts, and a whopping 1,500 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids (about what you’d get from an order of salmon), this is a great go-to granola that will help keep your arteries clear and your brain fired up.

$7.97 at

Iconic Protein Drink

Iconic protein drink

Protein Punch: 20 grams

Using grass-fed protein from New Zealand cows milk, ICONIC makes a high-quality protein drink with not a lot of sugar. It’s a great option for a healthy workout recovery or when you’ve got a meeting planned during lunch.

$33.99 per 12-pack ($2.83 each) at

gimMe Seaweed Thins, Sriracha Almond

gimMe organic seaweed thins

Protein Punch: 6 grams

This high protein snack pack might have the appearance of a child’s snack, but its protein and vitamin-filled nutrient profile is nothing to kid about.

$37.09 per 12-pack ($3.09 each) at

KIND Healthy Grains Almond Butter Whole Grain Granola Clusters

KIND almond butter whole grain granola clusters

Protein Punch: 10 grams

Start your day with delicious whole grains and 10g protein per serving. We combined creamy almond butter with our crunchy super grain blend and a touch of cinnamon to create a snack that’s perfect to enjoy by the handful or paired with milk or yogurt. That’s a much better a.m. meal than one of the worst breakfast foods on the planet.

$36.89 per 6-pack ($6.14 each) at

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