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McDonald's Adds These Fan-Favorites To the Menu For the First Time

Four new (old) items are landing at Mickey D's next week.

McDonald's regulars have been known to get pretty creative with food customizations. In fact, ordering several different items and combining them in new ways is a trick as old as the chain itself. But for the first time ever, McDonald's is embracing the existence of its "secret menu" and adding the most popular fan creations to its regular menu for a limited time.

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Starting January 31, you'll be able to order some of the most popular McDonald's menu hacks by name, right off the chain's mobile app or in person, at participating locations nationwide.

Your order will come with all the necessary components to achieve the desired mashup, but the chain is leaving the fun of building it up to you.

The Hash Brown McMuffin is essentially a Sausage McMuffin with Egg made better with the addition of a Hash Brown patty.

mcdonald's hash brown mcmuffin
Courtesy of McDonald's

The Crunchy Double is a Double Cheeseburger with the addition of Chicken McNuggets and BBQ sauce as a bottom layer.

Courtesy of McDonald's

The Surf + Turf is a mashup of a Double Cheeseburger and a Filet-O-Fish, and will be exclusive to the app.

mcdonald's surf + turf
Courtesy of McDonald's

The Land, Air & Sea is what you get when you combine the three greats: a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish.

mcdonald's land, air & sea
Courtesy of McDonald's

"From Hip-Hop icons to Christmas queens, everyone has a unique go-to McDonald's order, including our everyday customers. This campaign shows that it has never been 'our menu' — the menu belongs to our fans," said Jennifer Healan, Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement for McDonald's USA. "We're excited to celebrate them in a bigger way than ever before by putting their delicious hacks – as seen on social media – on our menus. I personally can't wait for our fans to try my favorite hack, the Hash Brown McMuffin. IYKYK."

McDonald's isn't the only chain to embrace its secret menu so publicly. In November, Pizza Hut delighted fans with a blueprint for several menu hacks that turn its pies, pastas, and side dishes into brand new items.

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