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McDonald's Was Spotted Testing This New McFlurry

A new flavor is on the horizon!

McDonald's is on a roll with new dessert options. After announcing a new sweet treat in their McCafé Bakery lineup, the chain was now spotted testing a new McFlurry flavor.

It's been a while since the Caramel Brownie McFlurry made its debut in April, and McDonald's is finally bringing in a new flavor of its beloved warm-weather treat. According to Chewboom, the chain is now selling a Chocolatey Caramel Pretzel McFlurry. However, the item is only available in some areas of Southern California and only for a limited time.

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The publication reports that the new McFlurry is made with McDonald's signature vanilla soft serve and the addition of blended-in chocolate, caramel, and crushed pretzel pieces.

Earlier this week, McDonald's added a new McCafé Bakery item, which will join the existing bunch of baked goods that can be eaten as both a sweet breakfast and dessert.

The Glazed Pull Apart Donut is basically one big shareable donut, or several individual mini donuts, depending on how you look at it. The seven-piece treat will be available all day long, just like the rest of the Bakery items. The move will hopefully replace the dearly-missed all day breakfast that the chain still hasn't brought back since the pandemic.

And for more on the best desserts at McDonald's, check out our taste test results below.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

mcdonalds chocolate chip cookie
Courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald's is home to many beloved fast-foods. However, the Chocolate Chip Cookie is not one of them. All of our tasters were underwhelmed by this cookie. While it was warm, allowing for gooey chocolate chips in the middle, overall, the taste was bland. There wasn't enough chocolate and had an "overly processed and fake flavor," according to one taster. This one gets a skip.

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Guava and Creme Pie

mcdonalds guava pie
Ajay H./ Yelp

If you're looking for a pie to pair alongside your burger, the Guava and Creme menu option might not be the way to go.

One taster said it "tastes like what potpourri and soap smell like," while another called it, "absolutely atrocious; the guava is just too fake."

However, one taster was the true outliner. This taster was the only person to rank the pie as their No. 1 choice.

"It smells like shampoo, but I actually really like the taste," they wrote.

There really is something for everyone, right?

Strawberry and Creme Pie

mcdonalds strawberry creme pie
Courtesy of McDonald's

The Strawberry and Creme Pie faired somewhat better, as it edged out the guava pie. Our tasters all agreed the smell of the pie reminded them all of a Pop-Tart yet "has the taste of a Nutrigrain bar." There is a lot of creme filling, which was overload for one taster.

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M&M McFlurry

mcdonalds mcflurry snack size
Courtesy of McDonald's

Oh, the McFlurry. You can't ever really go wrong with ordering one of these. The M&M flavor left a little to be desired though, as all our tasters wished the chocolate candies were crushed and blended better throughout the vanilla soft serve.

Caramel Brownie McFlurry

mcdonalds caramel brownie mcflurry
Courtesy of McDonald's

The Caramel Brownie McFlurry is a recent menu addition that one taster described as "the prettiest of all the dessert options." One bite and you're getting a mouthful of caramel swirls and mounds of brownie bites. As one taster put it, "the brownies are very sweet and the caramel sauce just makes this all even sweeter."

So yeah, you're going to get a sugar rush from this one!

Hot Caramel Sundae

mcdonalds caramel sundae
Courtesy of McDonald's

If you're a caramel fan looking for something a little less intense, the Caramel Sundae is for you. One taster said the caramel sauce is "perfectly gooey," while another taster raved this sundae is "simply the best."

You do have to be a caramel fan in order to enjoy this treat. One tasted noted this dessert is "for people with a big sweet tooth," as another taster who does not enjoy caramel sauce felt overall, it was too sugary.

Oreo McFlurry

mcdonalds oreo mcflurry
Courtesy of McDonald's

Bringing together the beloved cookie that is the Oreo and vanilla soft serve sounds like a dream come true. For one taster, it is, as they said, "this McDonald's dessert never disappoints."

However, other tasters were a bit disappointed to see that it's more of an Oreo crumble "dust" that seems to be loaded up on top of the ice cream instead of actual cookie chunks mixed throughout.

"Somehow, this doesn't taste like a legit Oreo, just the crumbs of the cookies. That's just kind of sad," one taster wrote.

Baked Apple Pie

McDonald's apple pie
Courtesy of McDonald's

The Baked Apple Pie received mostly glowing reviews from our tasters. When it came to the appearance, one taster said this menu item "looks the fanciest of the pies."

Another taster really enjoyed the nostalgic apple scent the pie exuded.

"It smells amazing and reminds me of my childhood," they wrote.

In terms of flavor, the warm pie had a lovely apple and cinnamon filling that everyone seemed to enjoy.

"I could easily eat one of these and enjoy every single bite," one taster said.

Hot Fudge Sundae

mcdonalds hot fudge sundae
Courtesy of McDonald's

And here we have it—the best dessert you'll find at McDonald's. It's none other than the Hot Fudge Sundae. The combination of the chain's classic vanilla soft serve that is covered in hot fudge is a no-frills dessert that hits all the right notes.

"You always know what to expect when you order the Hot Fudge Sundae at McDonald's," one taster wrote, with another adding, "this sundae has no business being this good."

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