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This Grocery Store Is The Most Trusted in America, New Survey Finds

Thousands of Americans voted for the supermarket chain in a recent poll.

When it comes to grocery shopping, a lot of factors go into what makes a supermarket appealing. From the item selection to finding a great deal, there are so many stores to choose from these days that it can be difficult to hone in on just one. 

A new survey, however, just may be able to steer you in the right direction

In a poll of 3,200 U.S. adults conducted by New York-based consultancy firm BrandSpark International, Walmart has been named the country's most trusted retailer of 2022. In all regions except the Northeast United States (where ShopRite took the lead), Walmart took the win for the most trustworthy grocery store. 

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The survey was part of BrandSpark's Most Trusted Awards for the new year. In the rankings, Kroger earned second place nationwide, while ALDI, Publix, and Costco placed third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

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"Shoppers want their grocery trips to be convenient and efficient, especially during the pandemic and this busy holiday season," Philip Scrutton, vice president of shopper insights at BrandSpark, said in a statement. "Great grocers are trusted to fulfill this time after time and across channels, while the best add exceptional service or unexpected value."

Walmart took the number one slot as most trusted in 15 out of 22 store attributes, which ranged from aspects such as selection of products and customer service to store cleanliness and safety measures. Walmart also ranked most trusted nationwide in its selection of beauty products, household care products, food and beverages, fresh meat, fresh produce, and prepared meals. 

In terms of store format, ALDI won in both the most-trusted discount store and most-trusted small grocery store categories. 

"When grocers prioritize trust-building, they create a win-win for themselves and consumers," said Adam Bellisario, associate vice president of BrandSpark. "Trust building requires you to identify your strengths and weaknesses on key drivers, put an action plan in place to increase trust, and then measure the results."

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