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Oprah Encourages Fans To Wear Their "Happy Sweater" In Video About Self-Love

"Love who you are right now."

When you're in need of self-care, wellness, or daily life inspiration, you can always count on Oprah Winfrey to dish out exactly what you're looking for. The legendary talk show host, TV producer, author, actress, and philanthropist knows a thing or two about living your best, healthiest life. Her words of wisdom never fail to inspire the masses, like you're chatting with a best friend who just gets you.

Winfrey recently shared extremely thoughtful words about self-love with fans on @oprahdaily's Instagram account, and it's the kind of inspiration we can all appreciate kicking off each and every day with. Read on to learn more, and get ready to put on your favorite "happy sweater." Next up, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Oprah encourages fans to practice self-love

Winfrey looks beyond cozy in her rainbow-colored "happy sweater" while addressing fans. The star kicks off her Instagram video by addressing the resolutions we may have made for 2022. Whether we've actually followed through with them thus far or broken them already (which can be so relatable), Oprah proposes a fresh idea to her viewers: "love who you are right now." And it's known that practicing self-love is so important for your overall mental well-being.

Appreciating where you're at in this moment of your life is so important

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The star acknowledges the importance of establishing intentions and goals, but she also sheds light on the importance of appreciating where you're at in your life in this very moment. The @oprahdaily caption reads, "This week @oprah invited you to put on your happy sweater (this one is from @jewelchic), quiet all the negative self-talk, and allow your confidence, your sense of knowing that better days are ahead, to be at the forefront of your thinking. It's time to love yourself exactly where you are."

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Oprah also shares, "It's never too late to take the reins"

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Being mindful and welcoming positivity into your life are key players in the game, in addition to knowing that you are in control of your own destiny. Oprah's 68th birthday is right around the corner on January 29th, and she stresses in an Oprah Daily article how age is just a number—all that truly matters is how you decide to embrace that year of your life.

"I can't even fathom that number, because when I was much younger, 68 felt—not just old, it felt ancient! And now, this is what I know: It's just a marker of how many trips you've been around the sun. Because we get to determine what that number means for each of us," she notes. "Just keep growing and becoming more of yourself. That's the goal—through relationships, through challenges, through victories and setbacks big and small—to recognize that you aren't just living out your days. You are life, expressing itself through your physical body, your personality, your emotions. It's never too late to take the reins."

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