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Popeyes Is Launching a New Chicken Sandwich Today

The most famous chicken sandwich in the game gets a new sauce.

A fast-food chicken sandwich launch is hardly news these days—everyone from Arby's to Zaxby's has had one (or several). But it isn't every day that Popeyes, the home of the original viral creation, announces a new extension of its ultra-popular Crispy Chicken Sandwich. So brace yourselves, because your Tuesday is about to be made.

Starting today, Popeyes is selling a brand new chicken sandwich at select locations nationwide. And while you may recognize its base—the famous hand-breaded chicken on a buttery brioche bun with pickles—the magic is all in the sauce. The Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is slathered with a new buffalo ranch, which the chain landed on after much experimentation, according to Popeyes president Sami Siddiqui.

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popeyes buffalo ranch sandwich
Courtesy of Popeyes

"Two years ago, our Chicken Sandwich reintroduced the world to our chicken mastery, and we have not stopped innovating since. We have a lot of fun experimenting with new flavors in our test kitchen, and this Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is one I'm especially excited to bring to our guests," he said in a statement.

Starting at $4.99, the new sandwich is now available in restaurants as well as via the Popeyes app and website. Popeyes Rewards members will receive 150 bonus points when placing an order through one of the digital channels.

The chain had been teasing the new sandwich with fans, who had a chance to visit and sign up for an exclusive preview. The giveaway ended up putting the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich (as well as exclusive merch) in the hands of 25 lucky winners days ahead of this release. And to spread the word even farther and wider, the chain will launch a pop-up on Melrose and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles tomorrow.

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich will be available for a limited time.

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