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4 New Sandwiches You'll See at Arby's Right Now

The beloved meat-forward chain has spring-ified its menu.

Arby's limited-time menu has recently grown by four new sandwiches, all of which are currently available nationwide.

Seemingly taking a page out of Popeyes' book, the chain has grown its already strong fish sandwich category with an additional spicy offering. Plus, a beloved classic carrying seven ounces of corned beef has also made a return (or has it?).

Read on to find out what the beloved meat-forward chain has in store this spring.

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Crispy Fish Sandwich

arby's crispy fish sandwich
Courtesy of Arby's

The classic Arby's offering during Lenten season, this sandwich is a must as soon as spring rolls around. It's made with a crispy filet of wild-caught Alaskan Pollock, tartar sauce, and iceberg lettuce, on a toasted sesame bun. Arby's entered the fish sandwich category as far back as 2001, as a direct challenger to McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.

King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe

arby's king hawaiian fish sandwich
Courtesy of Arby's

Arby's has brought back another fish favorite, a fancier and much-beloved take on its fish sandwich classic. The King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe Sandwich swaps out the sesame bun for a toasted King's Hawaiian roll. It is layered with a crispy fish filet, Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce.

Spicy Fish Sandwich

arby's spicy fish sandwich
Courtesy of Arby's

And making its debut for Lenten season 2022 is the Spicy Fish Sandwich. It comes with a fish filet covered in spicy seasoning and is topped with roasted jalapeños, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and tartar sauce, served on to a toasted sesame bun.

Double Stacked Reuben

arby's double stacked reuben
Courtesy of Arby's

While there are some conflicting reports about whether this sandwich is actually available at Arby's year-round, some outlets have declared it has recently returned to the menu. Either way, you can currently enjoy one of these bad boys at nationwide locations.

The sandwich features seven ounces of thinly sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, a thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut on toasted marble rye bread. It is priced at $7.49, but you can also get it as a meal for $10.59 (prices may vary by location).

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