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Costco Just Brought Back These 4 Beloved Snacks

It's time to stock up once again!

There are more than 100 million Costco members around the globe. When members head to a warehouse, they can shop for more than 4,000 items.

As the season begins to change, Costco is busy bringing back old favorites that went on to become super popular snacks among members. Based on recent social media posts, here are four adored snacks that are back on shelves at warehouses. (Related: 6 Things You'll See at Costco This Year)

Macadamia Clusters

Costco Macadamia Clusters

Macadamia Clusters, the beloved chocolatey treat, have returned to warehouse shelves, according to a Costco member on Reddit. "They're baaaack!" user u/Whoopsy-381 recently announced.

Since they didn't specify where in the U.S. the snack was seen, it's worth a reminder that not all warehouses stock the same products. However, the 2-pound tubs of milk chocolate- and salted caramel-covered macadamia nuts cost about $14.99.

Instagram user @costcobuys previously spotted this item in a warehouse in early January.

Strawberry & Yogurt Pretzels

Costco Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels
Courtesy of Amazon

The Strawberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels from Creative Snacks Co. made their debut inside select warehouses ahead of Valentine's Day.

After Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain saw the sweet and salty snack in late January, Instagram user @costcobuys spotted them again in late February.

The 26-ounce bags, which have come and gone from warehouses since their debut in April 2021, retail for about $7.99.

Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds

Costco Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds
Courtesy of Instacart

Another snack item making its grand return to warehouse shelves? These beloved fruity and white chocolatey almonds.

Instagram user recently posted about the Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds, which are one of their "favorite snacks." A Costco member who commented on the post called the almonds "addictive." After buying two bags, the individual was left wondering "if I should get more."

If they're at your neighborhood location, expect a bag to cost just under $9.50. Alternatively, you can find one on Instacart for about $12.



The pineberry is a mix between a pineapple and a strawberry. Last spring, Costco sold whole pineberry plants, allowing members to grow this unique fruit in their own homes. This year, packages of ripe and ready berries are for sale in the produce section.

Instagram user @costcobffs recently spotted rows of 10-ounce packages of pineberries at the warehouse for $4.99. According to their review, the berries tasted very similar to regular strawberries and the pineapple flavor was lacking.


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