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America's Largest Sandwich Chain Is Adding Seven New Subs To the Menu

A combo of new subs and returning customer favorites.

Since launching its Eat Fresh Refresh initiative in July, Subway has completely overhauled its menu. The largest update in the brand's 56-year history brought the rollout of new bread, protein, toppings, and of course, sandwiches. And the chain still keeps adding new items to the menu.

Subway kicked off the new year by releasing two new sandwiches and bringing back five fan-favorite subs. Additionally, to throw an extra perk into the mix, Subway is offering 15% off any footlong sub ordered online or through the chain's mobile app with the code 15OFF. The offer is valid through March 27 and applies to one sandwich per order.

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Brand-New Subs

Baja Turkey Avocado

subway baja turkey avocado footlong
Courtesy of Subway

Loaded with oven-roasted turkey and smashed avocado, this brand-new sub aims to bring the freshness—and the heat. Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions top Subway's hearty multigrain bread, which is then drizzled with a spicy Baja Chipotle sauce for an added kick.

Honey Mustard Rotisserie-Style Chicken

subway honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken footlong
Courtesy of Subway

Subway's second new sandwich also comes on multigrain bread and features the chain's rotisserie-style chicken—a popular menu item that returned to the menu last year after being discontinued in 2020. It's paired with fresh veggies and a sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce for a boost of flavor.

Returning Subs

Subway Club

subway club footlong
Courtesy of Subway

Two meats are better than one. This sub is piled high with Subway's revamped oven-roasted turkey and black forest ham, which blankets fresh veggies for added crunch.

Roast Beef

subway roast beef footlong
Courtesy of Subway

Subway wrapped up 2021 with the long-awaited return of roast beef, and is now serving customers a new and improved oven-roasted Choice Angus Roast Beef. This crowd favorite is served on the chain's Hearty Multigrain bread with crisp veggies.

Turkey Cali Fresh

subway turkey cali fresh footlong
Courtesy of Subway

This sandwich originally premiered when Eat Fresh Refresh launched in July—and it's been on customers' minds ever since. Multigrain bread is layered with oven-roasted turkey, fresh mozzarella cheese, bacon, and smashed avocado, then topped with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, and a drizzle of mayonnaise.

Baja Steak & Jack

subway baja steak and jack footlong
Courtesy of Subway

This classic steak sandwich packs some heat. Spicy, cheesy, and smoky, the Baja Steak & Jack sub includes tender shaved steak—which was released last July—pepper jack cheese, green peppers, red onions, and Baja Chipotle sauce on artisanal Italian bread.

Baja Chicken and Bacon

subway baja chicken and bacon footlong
Courtesy of Subway

Subway describes this as "an irresistible sub with a southwest attitude." This revived menu item packs a punch with hand-pulled rotisserie-style chicken, hickory-smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, and smoky Baja Chipotle sauce.

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