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Subway Just Permanently Added These New Menu Items

It's the low-carb approach to the Footlong.

The home of the classic Footlong sub just introduced a completely different—and low-carb—way to eat fresh.

Think, everything you love about the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki just without the bread but, instead, with more lettuce. In late December, Subway quietly debuted 11 signature protein bowls, all based on some of the chain's most popular menu items. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

"Guests are able to build any Footlong into a protein bowl with the same portion of protein, vegetables, cheese, and sauce, just without the bread," a Subway spokesperson said to Nation's Restaurant News. "Each bowl can be customized to match guest preferences." The Veggie Delite is the only Footlong sandwich that won't be able to be replicated in bowl form—there isn't any protein for it to showcase!

subway protein bowls
Courtesy of Subway

The new protein bowls start at $6.99, however, you can add your own customizations for an additional cost. And, these new menu items aren't limited-edition—they're here to stay for the long-run. For right now, they're only offered at select stores, but that may be subject to change later in the year.

What is being offered for a limited time, though (and should be taken advantage of), is Subway's $2 upgrade deal on both bowls and Footlong sandwiches. Essentially, you can get double the meat portions for just $2 extra at participating locations.

So, what will you order for your first protein bowl? The Chicken & Bacon Ranch or Meatball Marinara?

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