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Taco Bell Is Trying Out a Major New Menu Deal

You'll want to bring a friend!

If you like to go to Taco Bell with your friends or your sweetheart for a bite, then you are in for a major deal.

The taco chain is currently testing a $10 Cravings Meal at two of its locations in Kansas City, Miss. The meal includes two Chalupas, two Beefy 5- Layer Burritos, two orders of Chips & Cheese, and two large fountain drinks for you and your dinner date.

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While the promotion is still in the testing phase, pending its success, it could soon be rolled out on a national scale.

Additionally, and also available in Kansas City, Taco Bell is testing a deluxe version of the meal for two. This meal includes two Steak Chalupas, two Burrito Supremes, two Chips & Cheese, and two large fountain drinks.

At a time when fast-food prices are rising and restaurants are getting rid of value menu items left and right, this move by Taco Bell will surely help people save some money. Taco Bell is well-known for its value menu items, but even it has been forced to raise prices on some staples.

Between July 2020 and July 2021, the chain had raised prices by 10%, according to an analysis by Gordon Haskett. And it's not the only chain that has been forced to increase its prices. According to Restaurant Business Online, McDonald's franchisees across the nation have been increasing prices on many popular premium items such as the Big Mac. The prices of labor and ingredients are also forcing chains like Chipotle to bump up its prices. 

Beef and avocados are rising in price and Chipotle customers are now spending about 10% more than they were a year ago. The increase in the price of beef is surely having an impact on Taco Bell as well.

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