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Taco Bell's Most Popular Discontinued Item Is Finally Coming Back

After a wild ride, it's officially happening!

It's finally happening, after a two-year hiatus and a lot of subsequent petitioning, Mexican Pizza is back at Taco Bell. It's been a long road, and fans can rejoice knowing that the news isn't rumor or speculation this time around. Mexican Pizza is slated to reappear on the chain's menu in a few short weeks.

While there have been a series of false predictions and conjectures surrounding the return of the beloved item, rapper Doja Cat was actually the first to confirm the Mexican Pizza's return, which she did live on stage at Coachella on Sunday. The beloved item has now been confirmed for a return on May 19.

The artist has been an open advocate of bringing the item back, regularly tweeting about it. In March, Taco Bell tapped her to sing a jingle about her love for the Mexican Pizza on TikTok. Since then, the artist has been the "voice of the Taco Bell people," according to the company's press release.

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taco bell mexican pizza
Courtesy of Taco Bell

On November 5, 2020, Mexican Pizza was pulled from the menu. Since that time, an unexpected amount of uproar from fans resulted in a petition, which gathered more than 200,000 signatures. While Taco Bell fans are no strangers to sudden and abrupt menu modifications, like the hugely popular Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes' six-month hiatus, the disappearance of Mexican Pizza hit close to home for many—especially the chain's vegetarian customers.

Prior to this week's official confirmation from Taco Bell, however, a few internet rumors offered up false hope to those eager to believe the pizza's return was on the horizon. Taco Bell's Reddit community was rattled last year with a Halloween-inspired ad promoting the item's return in October, which turned out to be fake. Then in November, an alleged transcript of a leaked video recording of Taco Bell's vice president and COO Mike Grams all but confirmed that 2022 could be the year fans get their beloved item back.

And Taco Bell wants to treat those true fans that never stopped fighting and never gave up hope. The chain announced it is rewarding select petition participations and fans who tweeted #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza with exclusive merch. Additionally, Taco Bell Rewards Members who received a mystery reward during the Big Game will get a free Mexican Pizza on May 19, and loyalty members will get first dibs with early access to the menu item beginning May 17.

Taco Bell is also offering its Mexican Pizza fans delivery through DoorDash for the first week the iconic menu item is back (May 19–26). DashPass members can get $2 off one Mexican Pizza with a minimum purchase of $12 using promo code MEXPIZZA at checkout.

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