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This Restaurant Chain Just Opened Up Inside Walmart

Shoppers in one store can now order food from more than 25 different chains.

You might have noticed that Walmart looks—and perhaps even smells—different as of late. Well, that's because some of America's largest fast-food chains have been taking over former McDonald's storefronts inside of the grocery store chain.

Indeed, Big Macs have been replaced with Domino's pizzas, Taco Bell tacos, and even a brand-new version of the Wendy's Frosty. But the latest restaurant chain to open up inside of Walmart has a much bigger selection of items on the menu.

Walmart inked a deal earlier with Ghost Kitchen Brands, a Canadian company that distributes food from dozens of restaurants. Now, the first one of these locations is officially open for business inside the retailer's store in Rochester, N.Y. It "features 25 brands that include restaurants like Quiznos and Saladworks along with packaged products like Red Bull and Kraft Mac & Cheese," according to Restaurant Business.

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mcdonalds in walmart

Within the next two years, 30 more Ghost Kitchen Brands locations will be inside other Walmart stores, selling items like Quiznos subs, Saladworks salads, Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, and Monster Cupcakes. Other packaged goods—such as Kraft Mac & Cheese, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and Red Bull drinks—will also be available for purchase. The new Rochester location will even feature Cinnabon and Shaquille O'Neal's Big Chicken—the first of its kind on the East Coast, per Restaurant Business.

Walmart shoppers can place orders in person at on-site kiosks or while they shop the aisles of their neighborhood store via a mobile app. These locations won't have any seating, but you can order home delivery for direct transfer to your family dinner table.

Fun fact: Each location will have two to three employees who are cross-trained on how to make all of the different types of food that the kitchen sells.

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