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Wendy's Will Be Adding These Four Items to the Menu Soon, According to a Leaked Memo

An exciting return may be on the horizon.

It's been a minute since Wendy's made any exciting announcements about its menu (sorry, Strawberry Frosty), but that could change in a few weeks. According to one Reddit user who consistently delivers reliable insider information, the pigtailed chain is about to make customers very happy with the return of several beloved menu items as well as a new breakfast option.

According to a screenshot of an alleged internal Wendy's email, the chain will be welcoming back the entire Pretzel Bacon Pub lineup in August.

"We are thrilled to bring back the fan favorite Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger and Chicken Sandwich, along with Pub Fries," the memo reads. The items, which have been absent since they were replaced by the Big Bacon Cheddar burger and chicken sandwich, have been some of the most popular Made to Crave additions ever launched.

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The Pub line was first introduced in 2020, after a long journey through Wendy's R&D process. Fans will recall that the chain released its first Pretzel Burger in 2013 for a limited time, but it was taken off the menu shortly after despite its popularity. Fast-forward to the fast-food boom at the height of the pandemic, and Wendy's VP of culinary innovation John Li was tasked with developing a line extension based on the successful item. 

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Adding in an entirely new pretzel bun and a custom-developed beer-flavored cheese, as well as several other classic Wendy's ingredients, Li said he felt confident that his "Oktoberfest kitchen sink sandwich" was going to be "a big hit."

And a hit it was! Customers loved the Pretzel Bacon Burger as much for its bun as they did for its juiciness. Some even went as far as calling it the "best fast food item anywhere in years."

So naturally, when Big Bacon Cheddar rolled around, it had some big shoes to fill and the jury is still out on whether it ever did. The chain is now planning to retire the Cheddar in late August to make room for the major return.

But that's not all we've learned from the leaked memo. It looks like Wendy's will also be getting a new breakfast item later this summer. French Toast Sticks will be added to the menu in mid-August and "play an important role" on the morning and midday menus.

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