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A Leaked Wendy's Memo Just Revealed Two Major Upcoming Sandwiches

Cheesy chicken sandwich, anyone?

Just in time for the beginning of the new school year (and to round out the summer), the big names in fast food are all rolling out fresh menu items this month. McDonald's latest celebrity signature meal is due at the top of next week, following new releases from Taco Bell, Bojangles, and Carl Jr.'s. And now Wendy's looks set to debut two premium new items, according to a leaked memo currently making the rounds on Reddit.

An August 1 post on Wendy's subreddit shows an image from an employee training video. Captioned "Upcoming sandwich," the photo seems to show two forthcoming specialty sandwiches—the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger and Chicken Sandwich. Wendy's online menu does not currently list any items of that name, under any heading, so it's safe to assume this could be the chain's next major release. When, though, is anyone's guess.

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The items have already generated a good deal of discussion on Reddit, with Wendy's fans clamoring for more product details. According to the author of the post, both Big Bacon Cheddar items will come served on a Cheddar Cheese bun, and stacked with a slice of American cheese, bacon jam, 3 pieces of applewood smoked bacon, onion tanglers, and "a new cheddar cream cheese."

Wendy's late-summer rollout doesn't end there. Just a few days after the Big Bacon Cheddar post, another Redditor shared a behind-the-scenes image—a photo taken inside a Wendy's store featuring an unopened box of promotional materials. The box is mysteriously labeled "2-DAY FREE CROISSANT WEEKEND + $1.99 BREAKFAST CROISSANT," with the deals scheduled for August 9 and 16, respectively. Another Wendy's employee corroborated the news in the comments, revealing that their store had received the same shipment of promotional goods.

The "Breakfast Croissant" could refer to any one of Wendy's three current breakfast croissant sandwiches, one of which was heavily promoted this past May, in a weeklong giveaway event. If a "Free Croissant Weekend" really is on the books for Wendy's, it could serve to consolidate interest in the chain as a breakfast destination. (Wendy's has high hopes for its breakfast menu, having announced a sales increase goal of 30% for this fiscal year.)

As for the Big Bacon Cheddar sandwiches, they're definitely in line with Wendy's premium launches and could end up being limited-time offers meant to keep the interest in the brand amid growing competition. For example, Popeyes recently sought to "end" the ongoing Chicken Sandwich Wars with its new major release of chicken nuggets.

In any case, the addition of new menu items and breakfast promotions would make a strong conclusion to what is shaping up to be a stellar year for Wendy's, the chain that has recently beaten out Burger King for the title of the second-biggest fast-food brand in the nation.

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