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The #1 Worst Blizzard to Order at Dairy Queen

Of all the treats you can order at the Dairy Queen window, here's the one to avoid.

The season of frozen treats is upon us, and Americans don't take chill-out foods lightly. Last July, the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the average American eats 23 gallons of ice cream each year. If you don't know the correct serving size, that's enough to tip the scales. Fortunately, it's easier than you think to stop your summer sweet tooth from getting in the way of your goals.

One particularly beloved way to bring down the temperature on a hot day is the Dairy Queen Blizzard. Paying attention to the nutrition facts is an easy way to make better choices at any ice cream chain, and close look at the data shows that there's one Dairy Queen dessert you should avoid, no matter how indulgent it sounds. ( Costco Foods You Should Always Avoid, According to Nutritionists)

Read on to find out the #1 worst Dairy Queen Blizzard to order. After you're done, stick around for The Worst Ranch Dressing on Store Shelves.

Start small.


Even a tiny treat can yield a big smile, so here's an easy rule: If you're going to Dairy Queen for dessert, order a mini or small size of whatever dessert you're getting. A small will satisfy any sweet tooth, even when your eyes are larger than your stomach.

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That's especially true for Blizzards.

dairy queen summer blizzard
Courtesy of Dairy Queen

A review of Dairy Queen's nutrition information shows that on average, a small Blizzard weighs in with half the calories of a large cup. If you opt for a mini Blizzard, you only get about one-third as much. Doesn't that make for an easy choice?! Dairy Queen introduced six new Blizzard flavors this summer—check them out here.

There's a smart Dairy Queen Blizzard to try.

If the whole gang is headed to the DQ and you want to join in on the Blizzard bonanza, the Choco-Dipped Strawberry Blizzard is the one to try. At 310 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 46 carbs, this is definitely a treat, but it's the friendliest to your waistline and overall health. If the Choco-Dipped Strawberry Blizzard happens to not be available at your local Dairy Queen, the next-best possible options are the Snickers Blizzard or the M&Ms Blizzard. (If you're a lover of strawberries and sweet things, this is for you.)

This is the worst Blizzard to order.

baking brownies

The #1 worst Blizzard at Dairy Queen is the Brownie Dough Blizzard. A size large will especially wreck your good nutrition intentions, with its 1,400 calories (almost half of those from its 65 fat grams—the high end of what many of us should eat in a day) and 193 carbohydrates. You might get a tummyache just thinking about it . . .

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