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The One Surprising Food To Eat For a Stronger Immune System, Says Science

You may want to start purchasing this food on a regular basis.

It's likely you think that the food to eat for a stronger immune system would be oranges, or at least some other food rich in vitamin C. But that wouldn't be so surprising, would it? Sure, vitamin C does help boost your immune system, yet it's not the only nutrient out there that can give you a stronger immune system once consumed. So what's this surprising food we speak of? Why, it's brazil nuts!

Didn't see that one coming, did you? Compared to the popular peanut, almond, or even the cashew, brazil nuts aren't exactly the top choice nut at the store. But once you learn about all the ways brazil nuts can help strengthen your immune system, you may be so inclined to grab a bag on your next grocery run. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now)

Brazil nuts are one of the richest sources of selenium. According to the journal Molecular Nutrition Food Research, selenium is a mineral that can help with improving immune function within the body. Another Cambridge University study also shows that selenium is effective in reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Now here's the real kicker—you don't even need to eat a handful of brazil nuts to get your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) or selenium. In fact, simply eating one brazil nut will give you 175% of your selenium intake for the day. Eating an entire ounce of them will give you 988% RDI. One brazil nut contains 96 micrograms of selenium, which is significant compared to other nuts which usually only provide around 1 microgram per nut, according to Healthline.

So how many brazil nuts should you eat? Simply adding two brazil nuts to your plate when you eat a meal will increase your selenium status, according to the American Journal of Nutrition. You'll get a sufficient amount of selenium in your body on a regular basis, which will help with giving you that strong immune system you desire.

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