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The 16 Healthiest Menu Items at Panera

Find out exactly what to order at Panera to level up your healthy lifestyle.  

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10 Best Protein Powders For Weight Loss

The secret to losing weight isn't just subtracting calories, it's also adding protein powders to keep you fuller, longer.

The Healthiest Whataburger Menu Options

You can grab your favorite burger and stick to your health goals with these dietitian-recommended orders.

The Best & Worst Jack in the Box Breakfast Orders

It is possible to get a healthy and satisfying breakfast at this fast-food chain—if you know what menu items to order.

The Best & Worst Menu Items at El Pollo Loco

An RD breaks down the entire menu so you know what to order for a healthier meal.

The Best & Worst Menu Items at Sweetgreen

Navigate Sweetgreen's menu like a pro with a dietitian's top picks for healthy orders and warnings on which options to avoid.

The 16 Healthiest Low-Sugar Protein Bars

Maintain lean muscle and curb cravings by munching on these low-sugar, high-protein bars.

The Best & Worst Menu Items at Del Taco

This menu features tacos and burgers—what could be better? Here, a registered dietitian picks out the healthiest and unhealthiest meal options.

The 10 Healthiest Whole Grains You Can Eat

Full of fiber and micronutrients, these whole grains are great additions to a healthy diet.

The Best & Worst P.F. Chang's Orders

Here’s what a registered dietitian recommends you order—and avoid—at P.F. Chang’s.

25 Best Antioxidant-Rich Fruits & Vegetables

Boost your antioxidant intake with the help of these fruits and vegetables that are loaded with the free-radical-fighting compounds.

10 Healthiest Whole Grain Pastas on Grocery Shelves

To level up the protein and fiber counts of your favorite noodle dish, opt for these dietitian-approved whole grain pasta brands.

The #1 Healthiest Order at 14 Sandwich Chains

These sandwiches and wraps will help you stay healthy the next time you're ordering lunch out.

The Best & Worst Menu Items at In-N-Out Burger

A registered dietitian weighs in so you can easily decide what to order—and what to avoid—when that burger craving hits.

The 10 Healthiest Lean Proteins You Can Eat

If you want more protein without the calories, these healthy choices have the best protein to calorie ratios of any foods.

25 Superfoods To Add to Your Grocery List in 2024

These dietitian-recommended superfoods will level up your diet and health.

10 Healthiest Plant-Based Protein Bars—and 3 to Avoid

Use our dietitian-approved guide to help you discover the top plant-based protein bars.

The 10 Best Healthy Fat Foods You Can Eat

Certain fatty foods, such as eggs, avocados, and fish are rich in important nutrients that can benefit your health.

20 Best High-Protein Foods to Buy at Costco

The warehouse club is a treasure trove for high-protein foods that tend to be expensive at regular grocery stores.

6 Healthiest Veggie Burgers—and 5 To Avoid

There are plenty of plant-based patties in the store, but we set out to help you find the best veggie burger for your health.

17 Best and Worst Jimmy John’s Subs

Nutrition experts share how to make the healthiest sandwich at Jimmy John's and the best and worst orders off the menu.

The 25 Healthiest Carbs You Can Eat

Contrary to what many believe, carbs aren't bad for you! There are plenty healthy carbs that can help you meet your wellness goals.

10 Foods That Stop Sugar Cravings

A dietitian says these foods have a touch of sweetness paired with blood sugar-leveling macronutrients like fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

9 Best Whole Grain Breads on Grocery Shelves

Stock up on some of these healthiest whole grain loaves. 

How Much Oatmeal Should You Be Eating?

We've heard by now that oatmeal is healthy, but how much should you eat to reap the benefits?

9 Healthiest Non-Dairy Yogurts

No need to ditch yogurt if you're lactose intolerant; these dairy-free picks are delicious and nutritious.

6 Best Immune-Boosting Drinks

Down these healthy drinks to up your immunity.