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50 Easy Resolutions to Change Your Life

From eating healthier to feeling happier, here's how to identify one positive you could hone in on.

Love 'em, hate 'em, try 'em, deny 'em—whatever your relationship is with New Year's Resolutions, there's a good chance you have an opinion about them.

Since losing weight is statistically the #1 most popular resolution in America, we here at Eat This, Not That! are more than happy to help people achieve the slim-down ambitions that a fresh year brings.

That being said, losing weight (and getting fit!) are often accompanied by plenty of other goals. These smaller, hyper-focused resolutions are worth making a big deal out of, especially since little lifestyle habits often impact bigger things.

So even if you're in perfect shape and at a happy weight, you can still improve your life by identifying and focusing on at least one small, positive change. Check out this list of 50 best resolutions to think about making in 2019, and don't miss The Top 10 Rules You Must Follow Every Day to Lose 10 Pounds.

Walk More

Couple walking

It's easy to fit in more steps, whether it's by skipping the mall escalator for the stairs or by parking farther away from the grocery store entrance.

Try One New Thing Each Week

Woman putting on roller blades

It can be a tasty avocado recipe, a dance class, a new route to work, anything! But no, a new TV show does not count.

Get Organized

Man with mop

Easier said than done, but studies show that being organized can relieve stress and boost productivity—two great things for conquering any other goals!

Cook at Home More Often

Man chopping vegetables in kitchen

City-dwellers, we love Seamless as much as you, but you can do it! Get started with these 40 Things Healthy Cooks Always Have in Their Kitchen.

Quit Smoking

Cigarette butt

Along with piles of evidence of just how harmful smoking is to your body and second-hand smoke is to others, it's also become one of the most taboo, unacceptable habits among American society. Rid yourself of this disgusting vice ASAP.

Spend More Time with Family

Family hanging out around couch

When it comes to taking people for granted, it's often those whom we see as never-going-anywhere family members. Carve out more time with them, even if it's just a little more FaceTime calls or quick check-ins.

Stop Drinking Soda

Soda in cup

Speaking of vices: Research shows that drinking soda leads to weight gain but can also cause diabetes, heart disease, and increase cell aging at the same rate as smoking. Quit the habit—or in the very least, cut back. And if you do decide to indulge from time to time, be sure to stick to one of these better for you soda picks.


Team volunteering outside

From one-off experiences like cleaning up community centers to consistent commitments like mentoring grade school children, your commitment to volunteering this year can be as flexible and as wide-reaching as you like. Check out sites like for ideas.

Drink More Water

Woman pouring water into glass

A 2015 study displayed a greater amount of weight loss for participants who drank up to 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal than those who didn't drink any water before meals. Start sipping to slim down. And if you get sick of plain ol' H20 check out these 50 Best Detox Waters for Fat Burning and Weight Loss.

Get Stronger

Woman holding onto TRX row

People who focus on the physical benefits of exercise are less apt to stick with a fitness program than those who are aiming to improve their health and strength. So set some strength goals (strong is the next sexy, after all) and use them as your motivators to stick to your program. Working out but not seeing results? Here, Fitness Experts Explain Why

Make Travel Plans

Walking with luggage

Book that big trip already—it will be one of your highlights of 2019!

Start or Tend to a Garden

Woman gardening

Just imagine the fresh herbs and veggies that you could have go from backyard to kitchen table!

Eat a Vegetable with Every Meal

Making stock

Don't worry about cutting out junk from your diet, that will just make you feel deprived. Instead, focus on adding healthy things—like veggies—to your plate. When you priorities the healthy stuff, you'll automatically eat less of the "bad" stuff without feelings deprived.

Give at Least Compliment Every Day

Men greeting each other at bar

Making other people feel good will make you feel good. And who wouldn't want to feel happier and more satisfied in the new year?

Read at Least One Book a Month

Woman lying down reading book

Let your mind escape. Take a break from work, family and social obligations and dive into a fantasy world.

Say "No" More

Man staring at computer

Do you often feel like you're being pulled into 10 directions at once? You so often do everything for everyone else that your own wants and needs get overlooked. Learning to say no doesn't make you selfish. It simply means that you value yourself just as much as you value others.

Make More Coffee at Home

Grinding coffee

A daily $2.00 cup of coffee adds up fast (and double that if you're an afternoon caffeine drinker too). Skip the line and save your cash by brewing up your own blend at home.

Fit in 10 Minutes of Exercise Each Day

Woman crunching on inflatable ball

You'll be shocked by what even just 10 minutes each day can do. Whether your 10 minutes turn into 30 or you call it quits at 10, it's still more activity than what you might otherwise be doing. Why not try it?

Pay Less Attention to Your Phone

Woman staring at phone

Ward off your future "turkey neck" and put down your device. Or better yet, don't pick it up so much in the first place!

Watch Less TV

Man watching TV

If there isn't something you're dying to watch, turn off the tube. And if there is, consider tapering off the other shows you want to watch, too.

Keep Up with Current Events

Man reading tablet and drinking coffee at cafe

Our favorite secret weapons for managing the constant developments of what's going on in the world? The Skimm e-newsletter and The Week. You're welcome.

Plan Presents for People Ahead of Time

Couple giving gifts on Christmas

Being generous is proven to be one of the habits of happy people. You'll probably be a become a better gift-giver, too, if you're not waiting until the last minute.

Do More Yoga

Woman doing up dog yoga pose

It's one of the best activities that you can do for your stress levels, back pain, and overall health. Get your "ohm" on already!

Drink Less Alcohol

Hard alcohol

Not only is booze packed with calories, it also makes us more sensitive to food aromas and less likely to resist indulgent fare. In fact, one study found that drinking alcohol causes people to eat an extra 384 calories daily, on average! If you don't want to cut out booze altogether, at least alter your alcoholic drinks with water. It will help you consume less overall each time you drink. Plus, find out the 14 Things That Happen When You Don't Drink Alcohol!

Wash Your Face Before Bed

Man staring at face in mirror

Just like there are foods that age you, there are bad habits (like not washing your face!) that don't do your skin any favors.

Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

Woman drinking out of plastic water bottle

It's great that you've been making an effort to drink more water, but the BPA is plastic bottles has actually been linked to weight gain. Not to mention all that plastic is bad for the environment. Switch over to a BPA-free reusable water bottle to stay full and hydrated without the negative consequences.

Go to Bed Earlier

Woman cuddling with cat in bed

Not only can skimping on sleep make it more difficult to show your boss how smart and together you really are, it can also hinder your weight loss efforts. In fact, losing just 30 minutes of sleep has been linked to increased appetite and weight gain. Find out the 30 Things to Do 30 Minutes Before Bed to Lose Weight!

If You Hate Your Job, Quit

Woman frustrated at work late at night

Obviously, you want to have a backup gig you can do fun stuff like pay the bills. But if you hate your job, there's no point in suffering through it. Take control of your life and rid yourself of anything that's bringing you down.

Make a "Career Resolution"

Women shaking hands at business

Maybe it's to finally learn how to edit video. Or to clean up your list of contacts. Or to find a mentor. Whatever you've been meaning to do, hone in on it–you never know what your new career accomplishment could lead to!

Stop Eating Fast Food

Fast food burger next to laptop

You know it's filled with questionable ingredients and it's not good for your health, so why not vow to give it up this year? If you really can't part ways with Ronald or Arby, allow yourself to indulge once a month and use our exclusive report, The #1 Worst Menu Option at 41 Popular Restaurants to stay on track.

Be a Better Listener

Two people having conversation at a bar

It's so easy to let our minds wander when we are on the phone or listening to a friend vent about his/her day. However, in a world where everyone is so distracted, one of the most wonderful feelings is knowing that you're truly being heard.

Keep a Planner

Calendar planner

Let's face it, life is a marathon. We run from one obligation to the next and barely stop to catch our breath. Keeping a planner allows you to better manage your time and plan ahead.

Make Lists


It's easy to forget things we need to do. Making lists not only ensures we get it all done, but it also makes us feel accomplished. Start each day off on the right foot with these 30 Best Breakfast Habits to Lose 5 Pounds.

Be More Observant

Woman doing yoga with dog in park

In a world where everyone is glued to a screen, strive to take in your surrounding, compliment a person on their new haircut, drive somewhere to watch the sunset (or rise). Don't just be there; be present!

Schedule "me Time"

Woman sipping tea

Spending time alone allows you to unwind, reflect and reboot. It also allows you to develop a better relationship with yourself.

Validate People in Your Life

Two women laughing drinking out of mugs

Remind important people in your life that they're important. It's so easy to take our friends and family for granted. This year try to make more of an effort to validate their presence because your life wouldn't be the same without them.

Establish a Budget and Stick to it


It's easy to overspend. This year establish a realistic weekly budget and consciously stick to it.

Establish a Date Night—and Stick to It!

Couple on date

Researchers say that couples who spend time alone together at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to report "being happy" in their marriages. And get this: They're also 3.5 times more "sexually satisfied" than couples who don't make time for each other. So take a hint from happy couples and grab dinner or hit the gym with your sweetie at least once a week.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Woman writing in a journal

Before you go to bed at night (or try it when you wake up), write down a couple things you're grateful for that day. It might just become your favorite part of the day!

Backup Your Computer

Man drinking coffee and looking at laptop

It's all fun and games until your laptop won't turn on anymore. Schedule some time to back up photos, music, and more—before it's too late!

Get More Culture

Man at art museum

Hit up a museum, a folk festival, a screening of a documentary…anything outside of your usual bubble is a good step toward understanding different cultures and psychographics of those around us.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Man on train eating lunch and working

Buy one of those word-a-day calendars or simply start making a point to look up (and remember!) words you don't recognize or fully understand.

Have Better Sex

Couple in bed

Better yet, get your partner to make this his or her resolution, too! Get started with these 30 Best Proteins for Your Penis.

Donate Your Stuff

Food donations

Clean out your closet, kids' toy boxes, bookshelves, and so on; pack 'em up neatly and make the time to take or send them to an organization that needs them more than you do.

Reconnect with Long Lost Friends

Two people talking at a restaurant

Why not? In a world where everyone is constantly connecting and making new friends online, there's something truly unique about reaching out to an old pal and reliving memories.

Be More Punctual

Man looking at watch

People who are chronically tardy: You know who you are. Make this the year that you stop making everyone else on the planet wait for you.

Complain Less

Women talking

Like the ol' saying goes: If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Find an Active Hobby

Woman playing frisbee in a park

Hiking, running, spinning, tennis—even photography requires more walking and exercise than you'd expect! Pick something that gets you up and out and enjoy yourself. And then make sure you aren't making one of the 30 Flat-Belly Mistakes Women Make.

Introduce Yourself to a Neighbor

Two people cooking in house

Bonus points if it's someone you've lived by for a while. Be brave!

Find Your Personal Mantra

Travel diary

You don't have to be a big brand to come up with an awesome motto. Once you have your internal tagline, it can help guide other decisions that come your way in your everyday life. Keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it in mind.

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