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Sam's Club Just Added a Popular Hot Dog To Its Food Court

The new cheesy item is now available as a permanent menu addition.

Whether you're in the mood for dessert or a salty snack, the Sam's Club Café offers a selection of options to help you satisfy your cravings. From pizza and soft pretzels to frozen yogurt, the food court boasts a variety of food offerings, and this week, the menu just got a bit longer.

On July 1, Sam's Club expanded its food court options with the release of the Member's Mark Cheddar Cheese Pork Frank (530 calories). Yes, that means members can now order not just one, but two types of hot dogs at the food court.

sam's club cheddar hot dog and soda combo
Courtesy of Sam's Club

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The new cheesy hot dog is a permanent addition to the café menu, as confirmed by a Sam's Club representative. Like the food court's standard all-beef hot dog combo deal (500-930 calories), which comes with a 30-ounce soda, this new offering is available for $1.38. Plus, customers still have the option to purchase the Member's Mark Cheddar Cheese Pork Franks outside of the café, as Sam's Club sells these popular franks in 12-count packages (350 calories per link) for $8.64.

package of member's mark cheddar cheese pork franks
Sam's Club

This isn't the first time Sam's Club has garnered attention because of its hot dogs. In November 2022, Sam's Club lowered the price of its hot dog and soda combo from $1.50 to $1.38, making it 12 cents cheaper than the same offering at Costco. Both warehouse club hot dogs are a quarter-pound. However, unlike Sam's Club, Costco's food court only offers one type of hot dog.

The launch of the Cheddar Cheese Pork Frank follows several recent additions to the Sam's Club food court. In April, the warehouse club rolled out a limited-time Tuxedo Sundae featuring the retailer's beloved Tuxedo Bar Cake.

Over the past year, Sam's Club has released multiple other limited-time sundaes, such as the Mint Chocolate Brownie Sundae from last fall and the Birthday Cake Sundae from April 2023.

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Costco has also recently expanded its food court menu. The retail giant launched a new turkey and Swiss sandwich (900 calories), which is available for $6.99. Costco also recently brought back its chocolate soft serve (570 calories). This ice cream flavor joined Costco's vanilla soft serve and replaced the food court's strawberry flavor. Members can purchase a 10-ounce cup for $1.99 or add chocolate or strawberry sauce for an additional 50 cents.

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