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Costco Shoppers Just Spotted An Exciting New Dessert in the Food Court

Chocolate lovers, your prayers have finally been answered.
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From the chicken bake to the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo, Costco's food court boasts several tried-and-true offerings. But sometimes, the warehouse club will generate some excitement by rolling out new additions.

Over the last week, shoppers have spotted chocolate ice cream on the food court's menu. As depicted in a recent video shared by Instagram user @costcofans, this dessert option is available in a cup (550-570 calories) for $1.99. The Instagrammer noted that customers can also order a chocolate and vanilla twist or add a chocolate or strawberry topping for an additional 50 cents.

Costco's previous food court menu only included vanilla and strawberry as ice cream flavors. In the past, Costco has offered chocolate frozen yogurt but discontinued this in 2018.

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As reported by @costcofans, the addition of the chocolate ice cream comes with a trade-off: the removal of the strawberry ice cream. This flavor option launched last summer and garnered notable praise from customers. As one might expect, news of this food court switch-up has elicited some mixed feelings from Costco members.

"I prefer chocolate over strawberry ice cream any day so I'm very happy about this!" one Instagrammer wrote in the post's comment section.

"Noooooo! Keep strawberry!" another shopper lamented on Reddit.

In addition to alerting the Costco community of this new arrival, one Redditor left a review of the latest sweet treat.

"It was very good. The ice cream itself was just as rich and creamy as the vanilla and the chocolate flavor was good. Tasted like a high quality bittersweet milk chocolate," the customer wrote. "I really enjoyed it and would definitely get it again. It seemed like a huge portion for only $1.99."

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The chocolate ice cream isn't the only new dessert shoppers can score at the food court. The warehouse club recently debuted a new double chocolate chunk cookie (750 calories), which contains both bittersweet and semisweet chocolate. This new menu item is served warm and costs $2.49.

Beyond the sweets, Costco food court's recently introduced a turkey and Swiss sandwich (900 calories). Priced at $6.99, this new item features sliced oven roasted turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sun-dried tomato spread, and a mayo-mustard spread.

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