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5 Most Underrated Items at Sam's Club That Shoppers Adore

You might be surprised by these unsung, yet popular finds at the Walmart-owned wholesale club.
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As one of America's most popular warehouse club chains, Walmart-owned Sam's Club is home to an abundance of items that continues to attract and retain customers. Some of these offerings have even been pitted against products from retail giant Costco. We're talking about you, $1.38 hot dog and soda combo.

Among the retailer's expansive inventory selection are several finds that shoppers have repeatedly praised on the internet, with some fans asserting Sam's Club's superiority over competing brands. Plus, many of these items have a more attractive price tag than what's being sold at other stores.

While certain buys are more frequently associated with Sam's Club, such as bulk snacks, discounted tires, and cheap gasoline, there are plenty of other beloved products that either don't receive significant attention or have a somewhat unexpected appeal among shoppers. Whether you're looking to score a deal or simply purchase something new, we rounded up some underrated items you might want to consider the next time you visit Sam's Club.

Costco vs. Sam's Club: Which Has the Better Food Court Items?


sam's club fujisan sushi-roll combo party platter
Courtesy of Sam's Club

The Sam's Club deli houses a variety of pre-made meal options, sushi being one of them. After Instagram user @costcohotfinds spotted sushi at a Texas-based Costco last December, multiple users expressed their preference for Sam's Club sushi. One fan called the retail chain's sushi "top tier," to which someone replied, "I agree 💯 [100%] Sam's Club sushi is delicious and made fresh."

Then, this past February, Instagram account @samsclubmembers shared a photo of a limited-time 20-piece heart-shaped sushi tray geared toward Valentine's Day. Within the comments section, one user wrote, "The Sam's [Club] sushi is my fave of all the grocery stores!" Meanwhile, @samsclubmembers alleviated one commenter's concerns about prepackaged sushi, writing, "…they make them fresh and put them out on the shelf (they refill the area multiple times). They are delicious!"

Member's Mark Rotisserie Chicken

sam's club rotisserie chicken
Courtesy of Sam's Club

While Costco is known—and celebrated—for its famous $4.99 rotisserie chicken, the Sam's Club bird has garnered positive reviews, as well. As an added bonus, it's one cent cheaper.

After conducting a rotisserie chicken taste test in 2018, MyRecipes called the Sam's Club item a "dark horse," describing it as "ridiculously moist" and "packed with flavor." While those taste testers were left feeling "torn" between Sam's Club and Costco's rotisserie chicken, coupon and deals website The Krazy Coupon Lady recently wrote that the rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club "tastes even better" than Costco's. Other Reddit users shared similar opinions. "While they're both good, Sam's Club seasoning is stronger and tastier," wrote one commenter. "Costco's is more subtle and mild. So, it depends on what one wants and how one is utilizing the chicken."

Member's Mark Organic Maple Syrup

member's mark organic maple syrup
Courtesy of Sam's Club

As money-saving website Hip2Save points out, "Sam's Club is going to be your best bet at scoring this sweet (and typically high-priced) grocery item for the best price." A 32-fluid ounce jug of Member's Mark Organic Maple Syrup is priced at $12.68. Meanwhile, the same-sized jug of Walmart's Great Value Pure Maple Syrup, which isn't organic, costs $15.98.

Within the sea of the positive reviews on the Sam's Club website, multiple customers called the wholesale club's maple syrup "delicious," "excellent," and "good quality." Three months ago, one reviewer wrote, "Best maple syrup you can buy from a grocery store! It is full of rich flavor and just the right amount of sweetness."

Member's Mark Cheesecake Miniatures

member's mark cheesecake miniatures
Courtesy of Sam's Club

In addition to the Sam's Club bakery boasting a range of sweet treats, the retail chain carries several frozen desserts like the Member's Mark Cheesecake Miniatures. Listed as a "top rated item" on the Sam's Club website, this product consists of 63 individual pieces of cheesecake that come in three flavors: New York Style, Caramel Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Swirl.

Online reviewers have described them as "delicious bites of perfection," "great party food," "yummy little treats," and "elegant dessert with no effort." Another fan shared, "I used to not like cheesecake but these bites surely changed my mind. They're delicious and each bite is satisfying!"

Member's Mark Paper Towels

member's mark super premium paper towels
Courtesy of Sam's Club

Paper towels might not seem like something to get excited about, but at Sam's Club, they're one of the highest-rated items. Not only has this household staple accumulated more than 63,000 five-star ratings, but it also beat out the leading brand Bounty's score on the Sam's Club website. The 15-count package of Member's Mark Super Premium Towels is priced at $19.98, which comes down to $0.02 per square foot.

Beyond the appealing price, numerous customers have drawn attention to the quality of the paper towels, highlighting their durability and absorbency. One reviewer called the select-a-size product "[j]ust as good or better than Bounty!" Another one concluded that it's "[e]very bit as good as the top selling brands in the markets," adding, "and you can't beat the value!"

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