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SI Swimsuit Model Ella Halikas Shares Her Workout Routine

She's become so much stronger because of these full-body moves.

If you check out Gabriella Athena Halikas, "Ella," on Instagram, you'll see the many looks of the impressive self-made model and entrepreneur. This "CEO of Confidence" appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2021, which was a total dream come true for her, telling Eat This, Not That!, "It feels incredible, if I'm being honest!!" Halikas works out hard to stay in shape, but her positive mindset is so much more than getting strong and feeling good. She explains, "My main goal is just to become the best version of myself, and that looks different for everybody." We have SI model, Ella Halikas' workout routine, and it's seriously worth checking out. Read on to learn more, and next up, be sure to read The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

The SI model does Pilates, HIIT, cardio exercises, and circuits

Ella Halikas
Ella Halikas

Ella Halikas has much discipline and consistency when it comes to exercising and meal prepping. She explains, "I train with a personal trainer two days a week, and also typically get in two Pilates classes a week as well." Her trainer sessions include a one-hour workout of HIIT/cardio exercises/circuits, wrapping up with abs and stretching. She adds, "I love these workouts because these exercises target my full body and I've noticed how much stronger I've become!"

Two days each week are dedicated to either solidcore or a 50-minute Pilates class. Halikas says Pilates is an amazing workout for sculpting lean muscle and achieving a tighter body. She enjoys switching up her exercise regimens on a weekly basis to "trick" her muscles and body so that she's constantly making moves in the right direction and improving. When she can't get to a class, she does workouts via the Centr workout app, which can be done wherever she is.

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Her post-workout routine typically includes "stretching and rolling out" to calm her body

Ella Halikas green workout set
Margo Renate

Some great tips? Ella Halikas has a favorite pre-workout routine, which is to get focused and mentally ready. She does this by cranking up her favorite tunes in the car while heading to her training sessions. Additionally, she says, "My favorite post-workout routine is to just listen to my body and what it needs at that moment. Typically, I spend 15 minutes stretching and rolling out after my workouts [to] relax my body and muscles. I also like to slow down a bit and use that time afterward to let my body rest and recharge."

Although Halikas does not necessarily consume shakes or supplements pre-workout, she does enjoy a good smoothie or protein shake or smoothie afterward to fuel her body with electrolytes.

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She gets in her daily veggies and protein

chopped vegetables carrots peppers cucumber

When it comes to food, Halikas explains, "I also eat my meal prep during the week for dinners and make sure I'm getting enough protein and vegetables daily. For the next two weeks, I've challenged myself to cut out alcohol for the next few weeks as well, since it was becoming a bad habit and becoming a distraction for me to stay on track with work and my personal goals."

The SI model adds, "[It] truly feels like all of my hard work—blood, sweat, and tears—have finally paid off. I worked so hard to be seen, accepted, and respected within the modeling industry, and it was such an honor for the SI Swimsuit team to finally acknowledge and celebrate me, and my body." She continues, "I tried out for 3 1/2 years consecutively, and finally graced the SI Swimsuit pages last year, in 2021. It was a dream come true, and I feel like I'm still just getting started!!"

Halikas stresses that being fit doesn't mean focusing on dropping weight, and there's no "one size fits all"

Ella Halikas poses in lavender bodysuit
Ryan Chua

One important thing Halikas stresses is that being fit does not mean focusing on losing weight. There have been exceptions for her, such as health reasons, but she explains, "Working out is super therapeutic for me and genuinely just makes me feel better and happier. Fitness helps with my anxiety a ton and is more mental than physical for me at this point. I can't stress enough that fitness and health truly [look] different on every single body—and there is no one size fits all."

Her biggest wish? Halikas expresses, "I hope I can help more people out there see the importance of working out, far beyond just reaching numbers on a scale."

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