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Smashburger Just Added 2 of Their Cheesiest Burgers to the Menu

The returning Mac & Cheese Burger is getting a spicy upgrade.

Among the many reasons we love Smashburger (their inventive cocktail bar and superior fries top this list) is the willingness to experiment with creative burger toppings. And the chain is at it again with the return of a cheesy classic plus an addition of a spicy variation.

The popular Mac & Cheese Burger is returning to Smashburger locations nationwide, and will also come in a Scorchin' Hot spicy version. The chain first introduced the Mac & Cheese Burger, then called the S'mac & Cheese Burger, back in February of this year as a limited-edition menu item. Fans have been clamoring for its return ever since it left and the good people of Smashburger have obliged.

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For those wondering what exactly makes this burger so delicious, it's the combination of Smashburger's Angus beef patty, smashed on the grill for those extra crispy edges, topped first with melted American cheese and then with the "S'mac" layer—delicious mac and cheese that's also been smashed on the grill like the patty, crisping up the cheese for a baked layer that brings not just the extra blast of cheese but an extra crunchy texture to every bite.

smashburger mac and cheese burgers

As for the Scorchin' Hot variation, it has all the features of the tried and true Mac & Cheese Burger plus the addition of Scorchin' Hot seasoning—if you're the kind of person who carries around hot sauce in case of a low-spice emergency, or if you're dousing your mac and cheese in hot sauce on a regular basis, then this is the burger for you.

Just like the original S'Mac burger, these two new menu items are limited edition and will only be available through January 3 at participating locations, so you'll want to make sure you stop by your local Smashburger this winter to get in on the fun.

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If you're trying to ride out a health kick into the new year and are worried that a trip to Smashburger will set you back on your goals, we get it—check out the best and worst Smashburger menu items ranked by a registered dietitian for more information on how to make your indulgence the healthiest possible choice. But truth be told, any healthy diet is one that's sustainable long-term, and that means it has to include your favorite treats from time to time. If just hearing the description of this crispy mac and cheese-topped burger made your mouth water (writing it sure did), don't deny yourself the craving. Life is too short not to eat the burger—and the mac and cheese piled on top.

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