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These Healthy Snack Trends for 2019 Will Get You Through the Day

These are the between-meal bites everyone will be talking about, according to SnackNation.

Everybody could use a snack now and then, especially when there's a long gap between meals. But all too often we over-indulge or choose an unhealthy quick bite, which isn't great for our bodies or our New Year's resolutions. If you're tired of the same pieces of fruit or handfuls of almonds, SnackNation, a company that promotes healthy snacking, told us some of the top snack trends for 2019, and we can't wait to give them a taste. Get ready to hit up your grocery store for these new picks in the new year.

Trend 1: Functional Beverages / Snacks

Aloe vera flavored yogurt

What could be better than snacks that serve a greater purpose than just quelling those hunger pangs? The experts at SnackNation believe there will be a higher demand for beverages infused with vitamins and caffeine for that extra boost of energy midday. They also predict aloe-filled items will become a hit in the snack market.

Try: Alove Yogurt


Alove is a Japanese-style yogurt infused with the inner parts of the aloe vera leaf, which the company's website says creates "a one-of-a-kind taste and texture experience." In addition to the original, Alove comes in five flavors: strawberry aloe vera, blueberry aloe vera, peach aloe vera, kiwi aloe vera, and vanilla aloe vera.

Trend 2: High Fat, Low Carb

Fat snax cookies chocolate chip almond
Courtesy of Fat Snax

Does the word keto ring any bells? For those who haven't already heard, the keto diet has taken the world by storm with its emphasis on eating foods that are high in fat but low in carbs. That's exactly what SnackNation favorite Primal Kitchen provides: protein bars that are chock-full of healthy fats, protein, and minimal carbs. Another brand that makes keto-friendly snacks is Fat Snax.

Try: Fat Snax

$29.99, SHOP IT HERE

Fat Snax's cookies are made of almond flour, butter, and coconut flour. The company's website says that the cookies are "keto friendly, low carb, and insanely delicious." These nutrient-filled snacks come in packs of 12, so you'll be able to snack all week long.

Trend 3: Allergy Free

Blake's mango lemon protein bar

Food allergies are more prevalent than ever these days. According to Food Allergy Research & Education, there are roughly 15 million people in the U.S. living with food allergies. SnackNation believes snacks that are free of the most common allergies (dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, and fish) will be sweeping the nation's grocery stores. 

Try: Blake's Seed Based

$27.99, SHOP IT HERE

Blake's Seed-Based products are "top 8 allergen-free," according to the company's website. These snack and protein bars, which come in five varieties, are packed with 15 grams of pea protein and made with real fruits. You can order Blake's Seed-Based bars by the dozen online.

Trend 4: Prebiotics + Probiotics

Rowdy chocolate coconut cashew bar

You've probably heard of probiotics, but what about prebiotics? According to the Mayo Clinic, "Prebiotics are foods (typically high-fiber foods) that act as food for human microflora." Foods rich in prebiotics are high in fiber and work to improve the balance of those microorganisms. They are equally as important as probiotics, which promote the growth of healthy gut flora.

Try: Rowdy Bar

$35.00, SHOP IT HERE

Rowdy Bars come in three different varieties—Peanutty Dark Chocolate, Sunflower Butter N' Berries, and Chocolate Coconut Cashew—and all are filled with prebiotics from natural Yacon syrup.

Forager organic blueberry cashewgurt

Try: Forager Project


Forager's probiotic-rich, cashew-based yogurt is dairy-free, but you'd never know it. The product comes in a whopping 11 different varieties, including a new coconut-flavored lime.

Cheyenne Buckingham
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