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Stick to Your Weight Loss Plan at Cinnabon With This Healthy Menu Item

You're walking through the mall when you catch a whiff of something sweet coming from the food court.
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It smells too delicious to ignore, so you decide to scope it out. And bam! Before you know what hit you, an entire 880-calorie Cinnabon hits your stomach. So many Cinnabon fans experience the same phenomenon that the cloying chain's President, Joe Guith, revealed in a recent interview that people frequently tell him, "I love Cinnabon but please keep it away from me."

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But instead of losing customers who are trying to lose weight, Guith decided to roll out a miniature version of the chain's classic Cinnabon called Classic Bites. (The chain is also testing a variety of new indulgent flavors, including s'mores, wild berry, Oreo, birthday cake and maple bacon at a location in Virginia.) Each frosting-, caramel- and pecan-topped treat has 107 calories, 4 grams of fat and just 8 grams sugar, making them a great solution for health-conscious Cinnabon lovers who struggle with portion control. Even if you polished off the entire four-pack yourself (not that we're suggesting that), you'd still save 452 calories and 21 grams of fat. Currently, about half of the bakeries offer the bites, so be sure to see if they're on the menu next time you find yourself at your local location.

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