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Subway Just Brought Back a Beloved Footlong—But It's Not a Sandwich

The item launched in January, and has been in short supply since.

After struggling to keep up with "incredible demand" from customers, Subway has finally brought back a beloved footlong item at restaurants nationwide. But rather than the signature subs that Subway is best known for, this returning footlong offering isn't a sandwich.

Subway's fan-favorite Footlong Cookie (1,330 calories) is officially back on the menu, the chain announced on May 29. The massive dessert first debuted at Subway as a permanent item in January alongside a new Cinnabon Footlong Churro (190 calories) and Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel (330 calories).

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However, demand for the cookies was so fierce that Subway began facing shortages just a couple of weeks after the launch, according to CNN. The chain was forced to stop selling the cookies through its app and third-party ordering channels as a result.

Since then, Subway has been working to beef up its Footlong Cookie supplies so it can meet customer demand. The chain has sold more than five million Footlong Cookies to date.

Subway Footlong Cookie

"The Footlong Cookie has delighted millions of Americans since their first bites in January, sparking unprecedented demand over the last several months," Subway's Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation Paul Fabre said in a statement. "Subway worked diligently to rush additional Footlong Cookie supply to satisfy cookie cravings at a great value and serve up a footlong dose of happiness this summer."

For those who haven't yet gotten the chance to try it, the Footlong Cookie is loaded with melty chocolate chips and served warm. Customers can snag one for a suggested price of $5, though the actual cost could vary by location.

Subway fans can also still order the Cinnabon Footlong Churro and Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel that launched alongside the cookie in January. The churro—priced at $2—is served warm and topped with Cinnabon's signature Makara cinnamon and sugar.

Subway Footlong Cookies, Footlong Pretzels, and Footlong Churros on top of a table

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Meanwhile, the pretzel is topped with butter and salt and served warm with a side of Subway's Honey Mustard. Customers can score one for $3. The cookie, churro, and pretzel are part of a special category of footlong treats and snacks that Subway has dubbed "Sidekicks."

The return of the Footlong Cookie isn't the only exciting development at Subway recently. In early April, the sandwich chain launched a new line of wraps that are all served on a lavash-style flatbread. Subway also recently announced plans to switch from Coca-Cola to PepsiCo beverages in its American stores in 2025.

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