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Subway Is Testing 2 New Cinnabon-Inspired Desserts

Subway customers have chimed in with helpful clues on where you can find the new treats.

Subway already boasts a cult following for its beloved warm cookies that are freshly baked inside every store, but some lucky customers can now sample two brand-new desserts inspired by a popular dessert chain: Cinnabon.

Astute Subway customers have spotted a new foot-long churro and a Frosted Swirl—which appears to be a frosted cinnamon bun encased in a paper wrapper—in select restaurants across the country. Rumors that Subway was testing these new items began circulating earlier this week when blogger @markie_devo, who frequently tips off consumers about new food items before they're officially announced, shared a post about the new Subway test desserts on Instagram.

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"A forking Cinnabon Footlong Churro has been spotted being sold at a Subway!! If that doesn't tickle your fancy, they're also selling Cinnabon Frosted Swirl buns," the post read. It added that the items were spotted at a Subway inside of a Walmart in Arnold, Mo.

Now, Subway has officially confirmed to that it is indeed testing the new desserts at select restaurants in the United States.

"As part of Subway's transformation journey, the brand is always testing new ingredients and menu items to deliver better food and a better guest experience," a spokesperson said in a statement to the site. "These and other items have been in development for over a year and are being tested at select locations across the U.S."

Subway has yet to respond to our queries for more details on the new desserts and exactly where they're available. However, other Subway fans have offered some helpful clues on where you can find the new churro and Frosted Swirl.

One Instagram user who commented on @markie_devo's post reported spotting them in Columbus, Ohio. Other commenters reported seeing one or both of the items available at Subway restaurants in Connecticut and West Virginia, though they didn't specify exactly which stores.

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The new desserts have already piqued the interest of some Subway customers.

"Dang now I might have to go to Subway," one Instagram user commented on the post.

Meanwhile, others weren't quite as excited about the test items. A customer who reported spotting the churro in Connecticut described it as "a little dry" and said they were "very disappointed with it."

The launch of the Cinnabon-inspired desserts at select Subway locations isn't the only major development for the chain in recent months. Subway announced in July that it had added deli slicers to its American restaurants and was making the switch to freshly sliced meats. It also celebrated the new slicers by unveiling a line of deli-style sandwiches, all of which come with a double portion of cheese and the "optimal combination of sauces and vegetables," according to the chain's announcement.

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