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The #1 Thing Shoppers Are Concerned About at Grocery Stores, Survey Finds

A new survey reveals consumers' top worries about grocery shopping this fall.
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Fears shoppers had surrounding grocery shopping earlier this year appear to have shifted from catching coronavirus in stores to spending too much money. At least, that's what a new survey suggests.

The financial strains caused by the pandemic are the main source of worry concerning grocery prices, according to dunnhumby's latest Consumer Pulse Survey. Roughly 58% of shoppers say they're shopping where regular prices are low. Forty-three percent also say they're picking the lowest-priced products to fill their shopping carts. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply)

Not only has the pandemic induced a recession, but grocery prices have also inevitably gone up due to disruptions in the food supply chain. Of the 400 respondents who replied to this survey—which was conducted between Aug. 28 and Sept. 3—36% use coupons and 34% search online for sales.

When asked which retailer in their area provides the best value, 34% answered Walmart, 12% said Aldi, and 9% responded with Kroger. Meanwhile, almost half of the shoppers rate their personal financial situation as poor. Sixty-eight percent say the economy is not good, and 91% said they're "keeping a close eye" on prices while grocery shopping. (Related: 15 Tips for Grocery Shopping at Kroger)

"Retailers need to take note that most shoppers right now are on the hunt for more value by shopping at stores with regularly low prices, while also seeking discounts and promotions," Jose Gomes, president of dunnhumby's Chicago-based North America unit, said to Supermarket News.

While concerns about the price of groceries have gone up, worries about the safety risks posed by coronavirus have gone down somewhat. The firm's latest "Worry Index" finds that only 24% of consumers are concerned about COVID-19, down from 29% in July.

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