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A Popular Taco Bell Burrito Has Shot Up In Price, Customers Report

Taco Bell fans have noticed a sudden price hike for the menu item at several locations.

Fast-food fans have long viewed Taco Bell as a go-to destination for tasty Mexican-inspired fare—and lots of it—at an affordable price. So when one of Taco Bell's most popular value offerings recently became much more expensive at certain locations, customers immediately took notice.

A Taco Bell customer took to Reddit this week to inform fellow fans that the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito had suddenly shot up in price. The customer shared a screenshot of the burrito on the Taco Bell app, where it was priced at $2.49. 

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The customer didn't say how much the burrito cost at their local Taco Bell before the price hike. However, $2.49 is notably higher than Taco Bell's suggested price of $1.49 for the value menu item (prices for the same Taco Bell items can vary by location).

As it turns out, that initial customer isn't the only one who has noticed a sudden jump in Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito prices. Several other Taco Bell customers commented on the post to report seeing similar price increases for the menu item in their areas. In a separate Reddit post this week, another Redditor shared a photo of a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito being sold for $2.99 on the Taco Bell website.

"Highest price I've ever seen for a Cheesy Bean [and] Rice Burrito," the Redditor captioned the photo.

Of course, just because Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito prices have shot up at some Taco Bell locations doesn't mean that's the case at all Taco Bell locations. Plenty of other Redditors noted that the item doesn't cost nearly as much at their local Taco Bell stores. At a location near me in central New Jersey, a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito is going for $1.89 right now. 

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Still, the fact that at least several Taco Bell restaurants have reportedly boosted the price shows that this isn't just a one-off issue. So, don't be too surprised if the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito is more expensive now than it used to be in your area.

This isn't the only change at Taco Bell that has irked customers lately. Fans were also devastated when the chain discontinued the beloved Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito earlier this month. The Beefy Melt Burrito, Fiesta Veggie Burrito, Chicken Chipotle Melt, and $5 Classic Combo were also recently retired from the menu.

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