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Taco Bell Is Launching a Birria Taco For the First Time Ever

Get ready for dipping sauces galore.

Taco Bell is taking its Mexican-inspired menu to a new level with a contemporary take on a taco classic. 

A new Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco will become available nationwide on Aug. 3, according to an official press release by Yum! Brands. The new creation will combine slow-braised shredded beef—a first foray into this protein option for the chain—with a three-cheese blend that melts as the taco is grilled on the outside. The best part? It will be served alongside two dipping sauces: warm nacho cheese sauce and a savory red sauce. Talk about an indulgent experience!

The item is inspired by quesabirria, a popular Mexican dish typically comprised of a tortilla filled with slow-cooked, birria-style beef and melted cheese. It's usually eaten with a flavorful soup or consommé that's used to dip the taco in for extra saucy, juicy goodness.

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taco bell grilled cheese dipping taco
Taco Bell

The new release won't be a complete novelty for some. Taco Bell's take on a birria taco first launched in a few test markets back in 2022, with the lucky states including Minnesota and Tennessee. And judging by this nationwide release, the chain's fans loved the new menu addition.

Those who adore Taco Bell's cheesy takes on classics can count on another winner. Earlier this year, Taco Bell launched items such as the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito and Seasoned Beef Grilled Cheese Burrito, and select test markets are getting a taste of Grilled Cheese Biscuits as of May 2023.

As early reviews of the Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco trickle in, we're getting more excited to try it! TikTok creator @YungFoodBeast was able to nab these tacos at the official Taco Bell Headquarters in Irvine, Cal., and said they gave off "heavy birria vibes." 

One Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco will set you back $3.49, according to the official press release. It's the same price YouTuber Jack On The Go Show also paid during the testing period. He seemed to enjoy the taste of the taco, but didn't think the price was worth it.

"If you're ok with the price, you're gonna like it," he explained. 

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