The Top Swap at Five Guys


Without much more than burgers, hot dogs and french fries on the menu, it's difficult to find anything nutritionally redeeming about Five Guys. The only option geared toward health-conscious consumers is the Veggie Sandwich. The burgers range from 480 to 920 calories, so how you order can make a big difference to your waistline. Keep your burgers small, choose your topping wisely, and skip the fries.

Eat This

Little Bacon Burger with Lettuce, Ketchup, and Onions




33 g

Saturated Fat

14.5 g


805 mg

Not That!

Five Guys Style Fries (regular)




41 g

Saturated Fat

7 g


962 mg

What's in a name? At Five Guys, apparently not much. The chain's regular burgers are doubles and its "Little" burgers are singles. The menu is high in calories and low in choices, so if you want to escape without consuming more than 600 calories, stick with a Little Burger topped with either cheese or bacon (but not both!).

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