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Trader Joe's Most Famous Cookie Is Finally Back

Shoppers haven't been able to find the popular treat for months.

All those who have been pining for Trader Joe's most famous cookie are in for a treat—quite literally! The popular item has finally been spotted back on the shelves after a months-long absence.

In a recent Reddit post, a shopper tipped off fellow fans that Trader Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe's have made their grand return. Widely considered to be Trader Joe's attempt at an Oreo knockoff, these sandwich cookies have been a longtime staple in the retailer's sweet treat lineup. But in recent months, shoppers say they haven't been able to find them at all.

Several fans have taken to Reddit this year to report that Trader Joe's discontinued the classic cookies after confirming with employees that they were no longer available. Other Redditors also said that they spoke with Trader Joe's workers who revealed that the grocer had pulled the product from shelves but planned to replace them with a new version. To be clear, Trader Joe's also sells other Joe-Joe's flavors that have been available while the Chocolate Vanilla Creme variety was missing.

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Now that the sandwich cookies are back, customers may find that they taste a little different. A Trader Joe's representative confirmed that the Chocolate Vanilla Creme Joe-Joe's available now are a completely new product.

In the product description for the returning cookies, Trader Joe's explained that it created a "new and improved" version of the Joe-Joe's flavor because the original cookies "simply weren't matching our expectations."

"So we partnered with a long-time supplier to create a next-generation Joe-Joe worthy of the name."

The revamped Joe-Joe's feature two crunchy chocolate cookies made with rich cocoa powder and a touch of sea salt. Those two cookies sandwich a sweet whipped creme filling with specks of vanilla bean. According to the customer who posted about their return on Reddit, the cookies taste even better now than they did before.

"I like these better! Does taste like they improved," the Redditor wrote in a comment under the original post.

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The taste isn't the only change customers may notice about the revamped Joe-Joe's. While the old cookies came in boxes, the new Joe-Joe's have a resealable film that's meant to maximize freshness.

Trader Joe's is selling boxes of the new and improved Joe-Joe's for a suggested price of $2.99. Supply and availability may vary depending on the store, so shoppers vying to get their hands on a package should check directly with the nearest Trader Joe's to confirm whether the cookies are in stock.

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