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Trader Joe's Just Announced 20 New & Returning Products for Summer

From frozen desserts to spicy condiments, Trader Joe's is adding a bunch of products to the roster.
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Most consumers know summer as the peak time for barbecues, beach days, outdoor sports, and a myriad of other activities designed to take advantage of the warm weather. But if you're a fan of Trader Joe's, you also probably know summer as the exciting time when the retailer adds a range of new or returning products geared toward the hottest season of the year.

Trader Joe's marketing executives Tara Miller and Matt Sloan, hosts of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast, just gave customers the low down in a new episode on all the products that are hitting shelves this summer, from frozen desserts and spicy condiments to a snack geared toward furry friends.

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While the podcast episode highlighted a range of items hitting shelves, Sloan noted that these aren't all the special products customers will be able to find this summer.

"Of course, there are lots of other products that we won't get to on this podcast, so take a walk down the aisle of your neighborhood Trader Joe's and see what we missed," he said.

Here are all the 20 new and returning products unveiled in the latest Inside Trader Joe's podcast episode.

New Items

S'mores Ice Cream: Trader Joe's new ice cream, inspired by the quintessential campfire treat, features a graham cracker-flavored ice cream with marshmallow and chocolatey swirls, according to Miller.

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Bars: A frozen version of the refreshing sweet beverage, these come six bars to a box and will be available in stores around the end of June, Miller said.

Organic Pasta Quintet: This new assortment of five different sauce-holding pasta shapes should be available between now and the end of the month, Miller said. The collection ranges from mini fusili to Vesuvio noodles, but they all still have the same cook time.

Lemon Pesto Sauce: This Italian-made, citrusy take on classic basil pesto with lemon, lemon rind, and almonds should also become available between now and the end of the month.

Fresh Mozzerella Pearls: These small orbs of fresh mozzarella cheese, which should be available in stores right about now, have major snacking potential, but they can also be added to pasta salads and caprese skewers.

Sri Lankan Organic Mango Chutney: This sweet new condiment is made in Sri Lanka with organic mangos and a touch of heat. Miller said it should be available in stores right about now.

Organic Mafalda Corta Pasta: Trader Joe's other new pasta variety, which has already been spotted in stores, features small, ruffle-edged noodles similar to mini lasagna sheets.

Dark Chocolate Pineapple Sticks: This new tropical confection will be the latest variation of Trader Joe's line of chocolate-covered fruit candies, which all have a jelly-like center and a chocolate coating.

Crab Paws: Stop yourself before digging into a bag of this new Trader Joe's item, since it's meant for dogs rather than humans. Miller said that these soft, crab-flavored dog treats will only be available for a limited time.

Guava Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream: Trader Joe's looked to guava for the latest scent iteration of its classic Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream. Miller said it is fresh and fruity, but not overwhelmingly so. It should show up in stores some time in early July.

Eucalyptus Scented Candle: This new candle variety was the "runaway victor" in a contest earlier this year that asked Trader Joe's customers to choose the retailer's next candle scent, Miller said. It will hit store shelves some time in July, and customers should have no trouble finding it since the tin marks it as the contest winner.

Returning Items

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Trader Joe's used to sell a different Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, but the retailer went back to the drawing board to craft a new version after seeing declining sales and deciding the company could "do better," Sloan said. The podcast hosts said that while the old product was more of a creamy, "homogenized" take on roasted red pepper hummus, the new version is topped with a red pepper relish.

Tangerine Cream Bars: These seasonal frozen treats, coming back for another run in 2023, feature a tart tangerine sorbet with a sweet, creamy interior.

Ube Mochi: One of several Trader Joe's sweets inspired by ube, or purple yams, this product features a sweet, earthy ube ice cream wrapped in a chewy purple mochi wrapper. Miller said the treats would probably return to stores at the end of June.

Organic Sugar Cones: These sweet, crunchy cones are making a comeback this summer and will serve as a worthy pedestal for Trader Joe's myriad of ice cream flavors and non-dairy frozen desserts.

Strawberry Lemonade Joe-Joes: This sweet and citrusy version of Trader Joe's classic sandwich cookie first debuted last summer, and they're coming back for another run this year. They feature a smooth strawberry crème sandwiched between two lemon-flavored wafer cookies.

Strawberry and Jalapeño Crisps: These returning crackers are a little sweet from the strawberry and a little spicy from the peppers, plus they boast a mixture of crispy and chewy textures.

Organic Midnight Moo Chocolate Syrup: This beloved chocolate syrup, prime for drizzling over ice cream or mixing into milk, will be back in stores sometime around the end of June, according to Miller. The Trader Joe's product has a new formulation this time thanks to an "unstable, at best, supply situation," in Sloan's words, but the hosts promised that it's just as good as before.

Crunchy Jalapeño Lime & Onion: This is a seasonal version of Trader Joe's iconic Chili Onion Crunch with notes of garlic, spice, and citrus. It was first introduced last year and is coming back again for another limited run this year.

Mango Tangerine Scented CandleThis seasonal candle usually returns to Trader Joe's stores in the springtime or early summer, and it is coming back again this year for customers seeking fruity, citrusy scent perfect for summer.

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