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Trader Joe's Protein Shake Is the Post-Workout Drink of Your Dreams

There's no added sugar, too!

Trader Joe's has added yet another delicious product to its refrigerated aisles: the Banana Almond Butter Protein Smoothie—and it's about to be your new favorite post-workout treat. The creamy Trader Joe's protein shake is completely vegan-friendly, made out of a refreshing coconut water base and blended with banana puree and almond butter for a light, nutty base.

On its website, Trader Joe's describes the smoothie as featuring vanilla extract and sea salt for a sweet-salty combo. The description sounds too good to be true, so if you're anything like us, you'll run to the closest Trader Joe's store and try this smoothie immediately.

It's the ideal on-the-go drink, whether you grab it in the morning for an easy drinkable breakfast, need an afternoon pick-me-up, or want a filling post-workout snack. Before taking a sip, we're breaking down everything you need to know about the new Trader Joe's protein shake.

What's the nutritional breakdown of Trader Joe's protein shake?

trader joes protein smoothie
Lindsay Stein / Eat This, Not That!

Per bottle: 320 calories, 21 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 150 mg sodium, 19 g carbs (5 g fiber, 12 g sugar), 14 g protein

Each 16 fluid ounce bottle is dairy-free and packed with protein, good fats, and nutrients. It contains 320 calories, 14 grams of plant-based protein, 21 grams of fat, and five grams of fiber. You'll also get 10 percent of your daily recommended values of calcium and iron when drinking this smoothie, as well as a whopping 630 milligrams of potassium, which amounts to 15 percent of your recommended daily intake.

The best part of this new drink (aside from the flavor, of course!) is that the 12 grams of sugar are naturally sweetened from the banana, so there is no added sugar. That puts it well ahead of TJ's other refrigerated protein smoothie, the vanilla almond spiced chai, which contains a whopping 30 grams of sugar per bottle.

In the banana almond smoothie, the high protein count comes from the added pea protein powder. Pea protein is a great fit for almost any diet, as it's naturally vegan and hypoallergenic. Plus, it's also an aid in muscle growth, weight loss, and heart health.

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How does Trader Joe's protein smoothie taste?

Even though the first word of the product is "banana," the fruit doesn't give off an overpowering taste. The almond nut flavors really shine through, but the combination of the two blends perfectly.

This smoothie is a light beverage, but it will fill you up. No matter what time of day you drink this smoothie, it will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

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