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Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Raving About a Frozen Pizza: 'By Far the Best I've Had'

The pizza boasts a unique crust inspired by a Naples street food.

Trader Joe's is already known for selling a plethora of unique and craveable frozen pizza options. But according to shoppers, one of the grocer's frozen pies is so unbelievably tasty that it surpasses every competitor on the market.

A Trader Joe's shopper took to Reddit this week to share a rave review for the retailer's Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizza with Deep Fried Crust, which first hit stores in late 2020.

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"By far the best pizza I've had," the Redditor wrote in the post.

As it turns out, there are hordes of Trader Joe's shoppers who feel the same about the frozen item. The post has racked up more than 150 comments from fellow fans who raved about the pizza.

"This is the best frozen pizza I've ever had. It's too good. I have to refrain from buying it all the time!" one Redditor commented.

"I almost always have one in the freezer—they're my fave frozen pizza! SO good!" another said.

The fan-favorite pizza is far cry from your typical frozen pie. Instead of the traditional tomato sauce, it's topped with mozzarella, provolone, Parmigiano Reggiano, and dollops of burrata and fresh pesto with roasted garlic.

The dough itself is inspired by a common street food from Naples, Italy, called "pizza fritta," which translates to "fried pizza." Trader Joe's has a supplier in Naples that crafts the special dough, maturing it for 90 hours and fermenting it for another six hours. Then, they deep fry the dough in sunflower oil for a few minutes to give it a chewy, crunchy, and pillowy texture.

The crust is a key part of what makes the pizza so delectable, according to shoppers.

"That deep frying really does something to the crust," one fan noted on Reddit.

Some customers like to enhance the pizza with their own tasty upgrades. Shoppers recommended topping it with salami, olives, chicken, prosciutto, or even hot honey.

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"Add some hot honey on top before eating it! 1000/10," a Redditor suggested.

Trader Joe's is selling its Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizzas for a suggested price of $5.99, though the actual cost may vary by location.

The popular pie isn't the only Trader Joe's item that has stirred up a frenzy among customers lately. Shoppers have also been fawning over the limited-time Harry & David Comice Pears that have been spotted in stores this month.

"They're incredibly sweet and juicy and soft and almost…creamy? If that makes sense," one fan gushed on Reddit recently.

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