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Twix Shocks Fans by Revealing the Hidden Meaning of the Candy's Name

You likely don't know as much about the popular candy bar as you thought.

Twix bars are an undeniable staple in American candy culture. In fact, the iconic combination of chocolate, caramel, and cookies received a top 10 ranking in a 2021 YouGov survey about the most beloved Halloween treats in America. But despite the candy bar's popularity, Twix fans were recently left stunned when they realized they didn't know quite as much about the fan-favorite confection as they initially thought.

The revelation came from a resurfaced 2018 Tweet where Twix chimed in on the real meaning behind its name.

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"I read that 'Twix' is short for 'twin biscuit sticks.' Can you confirm or deny this?" one Twitter user asked, to which the brand responded "Close! It's short for 'twin sticks.'" Two identical Twix bars typically come in one pack, though passionate fans have long debated whether the "Left Twix" or "Right Twix" is superior.

Though this Twitter exchange is years old at this point, it has found a new audience of fans who were in the dark about the true meaning of Twix.

"I was today years old when I found out that Twix stands for Twin Sticks!!!" one Twitter user posted last week.

"Can't believe I've just found out that Twix stands for twin sticks," another tweeted.

Even Uber Eats seems to have weighed in on the conversation, posting "twin sticks, really?"

This isn't the only insider revelation in the food world that has surprised fans recently. Last month, Heinz's United Kingdom Twitter account settled the debate on whether its most famous condiment should be stored at room temperature or in the fridge.

"FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. fridge!!!" the account tweeted.

While some consumers celebrated the revelation, others were absolutely stunned to learn they'd been storing ketchup wrong their entire lives.

"Never, ever has it ever gone in my fridge, nor anybody else's," a Twitter user commented on the post.

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