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People Swear By These 7 Waist-Slimming Exercises & the Videos Speak for Themselves

Sculpt "hourglass abs" with these exercises TikTokers swear by.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your fitness game, build strength, or slim down your physique, it's always inspiring to see all the tried and true exercises that have worked for people on TikTok. There's always a new fitness challenge, trend, or numbered workout that TikTokers are eager to test out and share their honest feedback on. (We're talking about you, 12-3-30!) That's why we browsed the social media platform to see all of the waist-slimming exercises people swear by to sculpt a leaner midsection. If you're curious about these waist-slimming exercises, keep reading to learn more. And when you're finished, be sure to check out People Are 'Retro Walking' & Swear by the Benefits: 'My Posture Is Now Nearly Perfect'.

1. Overhead Dumbbell Marches


i always try to keep my stomach sucked in when i work out , jumping jacks is 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest 💋

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TikTok user @isiskellier posted a video about "three workouts that are slimming my waist," and the clip really does speak for itself; it received over 492K views. She performs four sets of 12 standing dumbbell marches for 15 minutes.

To do the standing dumbbell march, hold both dumbbells overhead with your arms extended. Alternate between lifting one knee and then the other up to your chest as you "march" in place.

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2. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

Another gem on this list of waist-slimming exercises from @isiskellier is the jumping jack, which she does for 20 minutes (20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest).

To perform a jumping jack, your feet should be placed shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Next, jump up as you raise your arms overhead and jump your feet out wider than shoulder-width. Then, jump back to the start position.

3. Side Planks


This excercise will give you a smaller, cinched waist. This is becuase it targets the transverse abs (also known as the corset muscle), which gives you the appearance of a tightend, slim waist. (Of course, you may need to incorporate other excercises + habits to reach your goals) #smallwaist #cinchwaist #tinywaist #thightenwaist #slimwaist #abs #tightenabs #transverseabdominis #gluteroutine #gymtok #fitness #tightencore #coremuscles #gymtip #gymhacks


TikTok user Scarlet Birkas (@fitbyscar) shared in a video, "This exercise will give you a smaller, cinched waist. This is because it targets the transverse abs (also known as the corset muscle), which gives you the appearance of a tightened, slim waist."

To perform a side plank, place your right forearm on the ground, and stack your feet. Press your hips up to assume the proper side plank position, and keep your core tight as you hold for the prescribed amount of time.

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4. Alternating Jackknives

Maia Henry captioned her TikTok video of waist-slimming Pilates moves, "Get those hourglass abs and small waist." She performs a full routine, with alternating jackknives being one of the exercises she does for 30 seconds.

To perform the alternating jackknife, lie down flat on the floor with your legs lengthened and your arms extended overhead. Then, crunch your torso up as you lift one leg to meet your arms. Lower your upper body without allowing your legs to touch the ground. Repeat with the opposite leg, and continue to alternate.

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5. Reverse Planks

reverse plank exercise

Another exercise from Henry is the reverse plank, which she does for 30 seconds.

To perform the reverse plank, sit on the ground with your legs extended and your hands planted behind you. Lift your hips so that your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet. Activate your core as you hold the position.

6. Treadmill Incline Jog-Run-Walk


Hourglass secret #gymtok #gymgirlsoftiktok #fypgym #hourglassworkout

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You've likely heard of the viral 12-3-30 treadmill workout, but TikToker user Lilly (@themelanatedboss) has another incline workout for you to check out. She says it's the "secret to a smaller waist." This routine requires you to set the treadmill to an incline of 15, jog for three minutes, run for two minutes, then walk for one minute.

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7. Lying Tucks

TikTok user Maria (@officialmariasanchezfit) wrote in a video, "POV you're working out for a snatched waist and flat tummy." She then goes into her workout, which includes overhead marches with a dumbbell, goblet marches, dead bugs, and lying tucks.

To perform the lying tuck with a dumbbell, lie down flat on your back with your legs extended and your arms lengthened overhead. Then, lift your knees and arms at the same time as you bring the dumbbell to meet your knees. Engage your core, and gradually return to the start position before the next "tuck."

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