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5 Walmart Bakery Items Customers Are Currently Raving About

America's largest retailer has an irresistible bakery section.
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Muffins, cupcakes, and cookies might not originally appear on your grocery list when you first arrive at the supermarket. But just wait until you get to the bakery department.

Impulse buying is how a lot of shoppers end up with these sweet treats in their carts, and it's a big reason why grocery stores with in-house bakeries saw increased sales in 2022, according to a report by FMI, The Food Industry Association.

Perhaps no store sells more bakery items than Walmart. In fact, America's largest food retailer is responsible for one out of every four cakes sold nationwide, according to Yahoo Finance. Walmart bakeries also provide breakfast breads, donuts, pastries, brownies, and a whole lot of other tantalizing things, too.

Let's see what tasty indulgences that Walmart customers have been raving about lately.

5 Costco Bakery Items That Customers Are Raving About

Any of the custom cakes

walmart custom birthday cake

Hand it to TikTok to find the best bakery items. One user claims, "I get all my kids cakes from Walmart and everyone raves about them." Pinterest cakes (aka cakes decorated vintage-style) are quickly becoming the next social media food trend, and Walmart is where many enthusiasts (like this one) go to purchase cakes and re-decorate them at home. Maybe the biggest stunner is Walmart's wedding cakes. The New York Post recently spotlighted the reaction of a bridal expert, flipping through photos of Walmart cakes and remarking, "I really didn't believe it myself!" Make sure to order a custom cake ahead of your birthday—the store is famous for them!

Chocolate Chip Muffins

walmart chocolate chip muffins

"Elite" is how one TikTok poster describes these muffins with their massive semisweet chocolate chips, priced at $3.98 for a pack of four. According to Influenster, the muffins garnered a solid 4.7 star rating out of 5. "Can never get enough of these!" one reviewer wrote. "They are so soft and moist that they cannot resist another bite. I highly recommend these muffins! Melts in your mouth, especially when warm. Great baking!

French Bread

walmart french bread

At just $1.47 a loaf, Walmart's French bread pretty much sells itself. But reviewers say it's surprisingly good for the price. "It tastes like old fashioned home baked bread," one writes. "This might be the best deal in Walmart," adds another. "It's so wide that you can cut it in quarters and have 4 descent-sized hoagie rolls." Mashed reported that customers couldn't get enough of the bread back in 2021, and it seems as though nothing's changed. Just make sure to check the best by dates for the optimum bread on the shelf.

Double Chocolate Truffle Filled Cake

marketside double chocolate truffle filled cake

Chocolate and truffle? Say no more. Walmart's Marketside double chocolate truffle filled cake has some pretty solid reviews, with customers claiming it as "delicious," "addictive," and a "cheat day treat." The company's website describes the dessert as an individually-sized cake for chocolate lovers, but honestly, all we had to do was look at the treat and we were sold.

Freshness Guaranteed Pecan Pie

walmart mini pecan pie

This miniature pecan pie is just four-inches wide, but to its fans, it's the perfect size. "I've loved these ever since Walmart came out with them over a decade ago," one reviewer wrote on the retailer's website. "Cute little pick-me-ups for less than a dollar each, to treat yourself with or fill out a lunch." Another noted a recent uptick in price, but nonetheless seemed thrilled by the little pies' return: "I know I know they are a .25 higher now that they got them back but they are so good." The 3.25-ounce treat costs just 74 cents online.

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