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The #1 Worst Breakfast That Ages Your Brain Faster, Says Dietitian

This food can wreak havoc on your brain health, especially first thing in the morning.
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As your body gets older, your brain ages right along with it. And with each passing year, your brain undergoes changes that can increase your risk of dementia, memory loss, and shifts in neurotransmitters.

According to Postgraduate Medical Journal, things like maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise can help reduce the impacts of an aging brain. With that in mind, it can be helpful to know the best foods to eat for your brain, and the ones you may want to avoid.

According to Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD, author at GoWellness, refined carbohydrates (sugary cereal, donuts, white toast with sugary jam, etc.) are some of the worst breakfast foods you can eat that age your brain faster.

"When eating refined carbs—which consist of sugars and highly processed grains—your body will digest them very quickly, which can cause blood sugar and insulin level spikes," says D'Angelo.

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Not only that, but research has also proven that too much added sugar can negatively impact your memory. According to a report from Nutrients, elderly populations who consume more carbohydrates and simple sugars had a greater risk of dementia and other cognitive impairment compared to those who had diets higher in protein and fat.

D'Angelo says that "additionally, consuming too much sugar can increase inflammation, and pro-inflammatory foods can increase your chances of memory loss, problem-solving, and other skills as you age."

If you're someone who loves eating something a bit sweet in the morning, there are alternatives for you that can still be brain healthy.

"Instead of eating sugary cereal, choose oatmeal with protein, and, if you like toast with jam, switch up white toast for whole grain and add almond butter instead of sugary jam," says D'Angelo.

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