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The #1 Worst Drink Order at Dunkin', According to an RD

Looking for loads of sugar alongside that caffeine?
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Dunkin' is famously known for being a one-stop shop for a quick and easy drive-thru breakfast. Although they offer plenty of options for your favorite coffee drinks, there are a few menu items that are extremely high in sugar, calories, and fat that may be worth skipping.

Research has shown that when it comes to extra-sugary coffee drinks, there is a greater risk of weight gain or obesity if consumed on a regular basis. It has also been proven that drinks with a plethora of added sugar have the potential to contribute to sleep deprivation, and even cardiovascular disease.

When it comes to Dunkin', we were curious about the drinks that may never be worth the added calories. So, we got expert input on what they consider to be the worst drink on the menu, as well as their suggested drink replacement. (If you're looking to really step up your healthy eating game, be sure to stock up on The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now!)

The worst Dunkin drink is…

Irish Creme Swirl Frozen Coffee with Cream

frozen dunkin drink
Courtesy of Dunkin'
Per large: 1,110 calories, 40 g fat (22 g saturated fat, 1.5 g trans fat), 290 mg sodium, 178 g carbs (0 g fiber, 168 g sugar), 10 g protein

"This bad boy pushes the calorie limit at 1110 calories for a large…with 40 grams of fat, more than half coming from saturated fat, 178 grams of carbs, (156 grams coming from added sugar)," says Laura Burak MS, RD, author of Slimdown with Smoothies and founder of Laura Burak Nutrition.

All of Dunkin's frozen coffee drinks are high in calories, but the Irish Creme Swirl Frozen Coffee is by far the most sugary and caloric item on the menu. Even if you choose to sip on this drink with skim milk instead of creme, you're still looking at over 800 calories per large cup!

This drink has "almost 12 'servings' of carbs in just one drink…and most of the calories needed in an entire day for some people," says Burak. "Whether you choose a small or a large, this drink has red flags all over it."

What should you drink from Dunkin' instead?

It may be beneficial to ask yourself why you're reaching for these sugary, high-calorie coffee drinks. If you're wanting the caffeine, you'll get more caffeine with a plain iced coffee or latte. If you're craving sugar, there are some healthier options out there that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

In it just for the coffee fix? It may be a good idea to stick to something a bit more minimal.

"It's best to choose a plain iced or hot coffee drink with the simple addition of milk or cream," says Burak. Not everyone likes to drink coffee without the sugar, but Burak has an easy fix. She suggests "adding it yourself so you can control the amount." There's nothing wrong with wanting a sweet coffee, but we don't have to ingest 178 grams of carbs and 168 grams of sugar every time you want some caffeine! That's as much sugar as you would get from nearly 13 Chocolate Frosted Donuts. Yikes.

"Coffee is just coffee and has minimal calories and no sugar, says Burak, "but then it is turned into a variety of sugar bombs like you see above."

Keep it simple, and you're much better off! Then, you can treat yourself to that Chocolate Frosted donut, if you like.

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