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The Most Popular New Groceries of the Year

These picks won over 40,000 consumers—you might want to stock up on them, too.
The Most Popular New Groceries of the Year

Every year, Product of the Year USA—the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation—co-conducts a nationwide study of 40,000 consumers with Kantar TNS, a global market research company, to determine the top new products. To qualify, the products are required to have debuted between January 2016 and August 2017, offer national distribution, and "demonstrate meaningful consumer innovation" in either function, design, packaging, or ingredients.

And—drumroll, please—the 2018 results are in! Find out this year's food and beverage winners below, and then check out 100 Healthiest Foods for 2018 for more favorites.


Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Mug Cakes

Duncan Hines perfect size for one confetti cake

Mug cakes are all the rage on Pinterest, and Duncan Hines' makes it easy with these portion-sized mug cakes, which make for an ideal dessert when you're practicing portion control. They're concocted with no added flavors or artificial preservatives and are prepared within minutes in your microwave in a coffee mug. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the line's 18 decadent flavors, such as Brownie Mix and Cinnamon Coffee Cake, for a perfectly-sized treat that won't leave you uncontrollably slicing off another piece of pie.

$2.50 per box at

Heineken Coolerpack

Heineken Coolerpack

Forgot your cooler in your friend's car or don't have time to unearth it out of all that basement clutter? Heineken has got you covered with its 18-pack on-the-go cardboard case. All you have to do is pop open the removable top and add ice to keep your lager chilled for hours.


Aldi Elevation by Millville High Protein Bars

Aldi chocolate mint protein bar

It's no secret that Aldi is one of our favorite one-stop shops for affordable groceries, so it didn't come as a surprise when the market's protein bar was deemed a winner. These portable snacks pack in 20 grams of the muscle-building macro for on-the-go fuel.


Sandwich Bros. Flatbread Pocket Breakfast Sandwiches

Sandwich Bros chicken melt

Wisconsin-based Sandwich Bros. released these sandwiches with freshly-baked flatbread for a light lunch that's not too high in carbs and packs in a solid dose of protein. Microwave a Chicken Melt or Egg White Turkey Sausage 'wich when you're in need of a quick snack or breakfast in a jiffy.

$61.05 per 6-case ($10.17 each) at

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Milka Oreo candy bar

Cookies and cream fans everywhere rejoiced when Oreo made its debut in candy bar form, bringing milk's favorite cookie to your pocket. Milka's creamy European chocolate joined forces with crunchy Oreo pieces and vanilla creme for a sweet treat that's worth the indulgence once in a while.

$12.69 per 8-pack ($1.58 each) at

Imagine Super Greens & Reds

Imagine super greens super reds soup

Organic brand Imagine serves up wholesome soups simmered with ingredients such as fresh veggies, thick coconut cream, vitamin A-filled sweet potatoes, and anti-inflammatory ginger. The savory soups can be easily incorporated into any healthy diet, as they're organic, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

$3.99 per carton at

Copper Chef 9.5-Inch Square Pan With Lid

Copper chef fry pan

Cut calories and fat from your meals effortlessly with Copper Chef's CeramiTech non-stick coating that requires no oil or butter, and leaves zero stuck-on residue. Plus, it comes in a trendy metallic finish that's sure to inspire you to cook more meals at home.

$29.99 at

Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken

Cooked Perfect fire grilled tenders

Cooked Perfect's fire-grilled chicken tenders, chunks, wings, drumsticks, and thighs come in mouth-watering flavors such as Bourbon BBQ, Korean-Style, Maple Sriracha, and Lemon Herb. They pack a whole lot of flavor and do without the breading for a savory salad topper or protein-rich party appetizer that's sure to please.


Green Giant Veggie Tots

Green Giant cauliflower veggie tots

Instead of pairing your dinner with a side of fries or the usual baked potato, opt for crisping up some Green Giant veggie tots. Flavors range from Broccoli to Sweet Potato & Cauliflower and Corn, while all packages provide a full serving of veggies per six pieces.

Cauliflower tots: $3.48 at

Skinny Cow High Protein Packed Low Fat Ice Cream

Skinny Cow Fudgetastic Java pint

Halo Top isn't the only brand making a splash with it's high-protein, low-calorie ice cream. Pick up a pint of Skinny Cow's Fudgetastic Java, which combines rich chocolatey swirls with light coffee ice cream and packs in 23 grams of protein for just 350 calories per pint.


Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer

Smirnoff spiked sparkling water

For those that love sipping La Croix with lunch and pair Spindrift with dinner, Smirnoff's fruity spiked seltzers are the ideal drink for spicing up your Saturday night without undoing your weight loss efforts during the week. Each 12-ounce can contains 90 calories, one gram of carbs, and zero sugar for a bubbly buzz we can get behind.


Aldi Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt Tilts

Aldi Friendly Farms Greek yogurt tilts

Although Aldi's Greek Yogurt Tilts may tempt you with their fun flavors such as Key Lime Crunch and Crazy For Coconut, the toppings are loaded with belly-busting sugar. Go for a Greek container that clocks in under 10 grams of sugar for a daily midday snack, and consider this pick an occasional dessert.


Aldi Little Salad Bar Assorted Fresh Guacamole

Aldi guacamole

Upgrade your Taco Tuesdays with Aldi's hand-scooped guac made with creamy Hass avocados. The Hulk-hued fruit is brimming with heart-healthy fats, digestion-aiding fiber, and flu-fighting vitamin C, which deems it a solid addition to any meal.




Luscious caramel is spun into bite-sized cups and stuffed with whole hazelnuts and topped with rich chocolate. Just don't pop too many—four pieces contain 180 calories and 16 grams of sugar.

$8.28 per box at

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