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8 Best Alcoholic Beverages at Aldi Right Now

From imported beers to barrel-aged wines, Aldi has many customer-approved alcoholic beverages.
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Aldi may be the destination for discount groceries, but diehard fans also know that there are many hidden gems hidden in the aisles of this grocery chain. Look no further than the grilling essentials—perfect for feeding families and friends at summer barbecues on a budget—or the frozen dessert section, which is filled with options like mochi ice cream and macarons.

If you're lucky enough to live in a state that allows grocery stores to sell liquor, you should know that Aldi's alcohol section also boasts a variety of customer-approved options for when you need to sip on some of the stronger stuff. But because you won't find the same name-brand alcoholic drinks at Aldi as you will at other retailers and liquor stores, it might be difficult to know where to start if you've never tried any of Aldi's options before.

Luckily, many Aldi customers are extremely active on online forums like Reddit, and they're happy to share their picks for the absolute best boozy beverages you can find at the discount grocer. We've rounded up some of the most frequently praised drinks in order to help customers navigate Aldi's alcohol aisle. Just note that prices and availability for these products can vary by location, so you should check with your local store for more details on what's in stock and how much you can expect to pay.

Read on to discover eight of the best alcoholic beverages at Aldi right now, according to customers.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer

Aldi Vista Bay Hard Seltzer
Courtesy of Aldi

There's no shortage of hard seltzers on the market nowadays, from Truly to High Noon to Topo Chico. But many Aldi shoppers say that the chain's version of this popular bubbly beverage, Vista Bay Hard Seltzer, is just as good if not better than some of the better-known brands.

"The Vista Bays are good if you like hard seltzers. They are comparable to White Claws but I think they are better," an Aldi customer wrote on Reddit.

Customers can snag these hard seltzers in variety packs with four flavors: lime, black cherry, grapefruit, and raspberry. The grocer also sells Vista Bay Lemonade Hard Seltzers that combine the flavors of fruit and lemonade into carbonated, boozy drinks.

Intermingle Red Blend Wine

Aldi Intermingle Red Blend bottle
Courtesy of Aldi

Any grocery store wine selection should include at least one great red blend, and customers attest to the fact that Aldi meets that need with its popular Intermingle Red Blend.

This popular wine boasts notes of blackberry and fresh raspberry, as well as red fruit flavors that make it a great pairing for grilled meat and chicken, according to the product description.

Intermingle is one of the most commonly recommended wines whenever Aldi fans ask fellow shoppers to point them toward the best alcoholic beverages at the grocery chain.

"Their Intermingle is a phenomenal jammy red wine that's a perfect mix of sweet and jammy with a hint of dryness," one customer wrote on Reddit.

Monterrey Cerveza

Aldi Monterrey Cerveza
Courtesy of Aldi

Aldi may not sell Corona beers, but customers say that its Monterrey Cerveza is practically a knockoff of the popular beer brand. The product is brewed in Guatemala and imported to the United States, bringing the flavors of "sweet and toasted malt and hops" to Aldi's aisles.

While prices vary by location, customers also say that they typically save money when they opt for Monterrey Cerveza instead of classic Coronas. Feel free to use those savings to purchase a few limes to go with your brews, as one Aldi shopper suggested doing.

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Winking Owl wines

Aldi Winking Owl Sangria bottle
Courtesy of Aldi

Don't scoff at Aldi's Winking Owl wines before you try them. Shoppers say that this line is not only extremely affordable at around $3.45 per bottle (!), but the wine itself is also "seriously underrated."

Aldi offers a variety of wines under its private label Winking Owl brand, ranging from Merlot to Moscato. Customers have a particular penchant for the Winking Owl Sangria with red fruit and citrus flavors, plus the dryer Cabernet Sauvignon with blackberry, plum, and vanilla notes.

Some even say that you can't go wrong no matter which Winking Owl option you choose.

"The whole Winking Owl line is delicious and a steal at $3," one customer noted on Reddit.

Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon

Aldi Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon
Courtesy of Aldi


When Aldi shoppers want to spring for an extra special bottle of wine, many opt for the Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. This fancy drink is aged in charred bourbon barrels that once held American whiskey, infusing the wine with extra-rich flavors.

According to the product description, you'll detect aromas and notes of ripe black cherries, dried herbs, and charred vanilla. Customers describe it as "delicious" and a great option for when they want something "bolder."

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Wicked Grove Hard Cider

Aldi Wicked Grove Hard Cider
Courtesy of Aldi

If you're a hard cider fan, Aldi customers praise the chain's Wicked Grove Hard Cider as a worthy alternative to the popular brand Angry Orchard.

This alcoholic beverage has a "good balance of sweet and tart," in the words of one shopper, plus customers say it's a great option for the price. The classic Wicked Grove cider flavor is apple, though customers have also spotted more unique flavors like elderflower and cinnamon in the past.

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Peach Wine

Aldi Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Peach
Courtesy of Aldi

If you tend to favor sweeter wines, this option will be right up your alley, according to Aldi shoppers. The Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Peach Wine, available in classic and seasonal bubbly varieties, is a fruity, light-bodied beverage packed with peach flavors.

Some call it "the best peach wine ever," while others say it's "tasty as heck." And certain customers aren't afraid to admit they're "totally obsessed" with the product. Considering that the official start of summer is just days away—which also marks the start of peach season—there probably isn't a better time than June and July to indulge of one of these sweet bottles.

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Wicked Grove Pearsecco

Aldi Wicked Grove Pearsecco Hard Cider
Courtesy of Aldi

If there was one alcoholic beverage at Aldi that customers recommend above all else, it would be the Wicked Grove Pearsecco. Shoppers say that while other hard ciders can sometimes taste too sugary or cloying, these bubbly, dry ciders are perfectly balanced and pack some great pear flavor.

"​​These Pearseccos are surprisingly a hit! They're crisp and not too sweet," one fan wrote on Reddit.

Another customer even went so far as to declare it their favorite alcoholic beverage from Aldi.

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