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10 Best Summer Items at Aldi

Summer gatherings mean it’s time to stock up at Aldi.
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Aldi is great for so many reasons. You can find not only great, budget-friendly food items but also those summer essentials that you'd otherwise forget you needed. Why run to three different stores when Aldi has everything you need for your next pool party, graduation party, or it's-Tuesday-night-and-the-kids-are-in-the-kiddie-pool-kind of party?

Summer conjures up images of toasting marshmallows over an open flame, sipping cold drinks in hot weather and tossing everything on the grill (literally not turning on the oven until October!). With Aldi's great buys, you can't pretty much make every weekend a Fourth of July-level party (or just a backyard party for two if that's more your style).

When it comes to summer BBQ items, Aldi goes in big with everything from main dishes to summery desserts. If you're ready for evenings that go on forever, look no further for your summertime shopping list. We've compiled the 10 best items you won't want to leave the store without.

25 Best Aldi Foods of All Time

Bomb Pop Original Ice Pops

bomb pop ice pops
Courtesy of Aldi

With 12 pops in a box, you can feed all the neighborhood kids a snack while they're playing on your Slip n' Slide. With their red, white and blue layers, these naturally and artificially flavored treats just scream summer.

Jemm Burger Deluxe Beef Patties

jemm burger deluxe beef patties
Courtesy of Aldi

Backyard BBQ's just got a little easier with this box of frozen hamburger patties. The best part is that these square burgers come pre-seasoned and can be cooked from frozen, no thawing necessary! With 16 four-ounce patties per box, you'll be grillin' and chillin'—just add cheese.

ALDI Insulated Thermal Bag

aldi insulated thermal bag
Courtesy of Aldi

Tote all your picnic and BBQ foods to the park, the beach or a friend's house in this roomy insulated bag. Available with a pool or lemon motif, it's also an awesome way to show your Aldi pride.

Baker's Corner Giant Marshmallows

baker's corner giant marshmallows
Courtesy of Aldi

If you have s'mores supplies on hand at all times, you're basically winning summer. These big marshmallows are fat-free and fluffy and are oh-so delicious when melted over an open fire and then placed between two graham crackers (with a piece of chocolate, natch).

Lacura Kids or Sport Sunscreen

lacura kids sunscreen
Courtesy of Aldi

Offered in an easy-to-use 5.5-ounce spray bottle, this sunscreen is easy to toss in your beach bag or your camper's backpack. And since it's SPF 50 you won't have to worry about sunburns–as long as you apply and reapply!

Benton's Sugar Cones

benton's sugar cones
Courtesy of Aldi

An ice cream cone makes dessert so much more fun and these come 12 in a box. Scoop up some of your favorite flavors from Aldi and you've got a weeknight treat kids and grownups will both appreciate.

Parkview Smoked Brats

parkview smoked brats
Courtesy of Aldi

Throw some of these brats on the grill and you've got a summer dinner worth opening a bottle of wine for. Bratwurst on a bun with some relish is summer perfection.

Simply Nature Organic Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade

simply nature organic lemonade
Courtesy of Aldi

Made from concentrate with 11% juice, this organic lemonade will quench everyone's thirst on a hot day. Sold in a 64-fluid ounce container, it's enough to keep the whole crew happy and hydrated. Try the strawberry lemonade for a fun twist on a classic.

L'oven Fresh Potato Sandwich or Long Rolls

l'oven fresh potato sandwich rolls
Courtesy of Aldi

You'll never be sorry you had these buns on hand when summer cookouts are in full swing. Potato rolls are softer and sweeter than their regular roll cousins, due to part of the wheat flour being replaced with potato flour. For you, that means it's so good at soaking up sauces.

Giambellino Watermelon Bellini

Giambellino Watermelon Bellini bottle
Courtesy of Aldi

If you like cute bottles, this one is downright adorable and refreshing too. A mix of wine and watermelon juice with a sparkling finish is perfect for summer brunch or porch sitting.

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